Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Aunt Ina

 Jean Ina Belle
 Peggy and my Nanna the littler one Lillian

 Columbo above and below


 Below: My great Grandfather and Grandmother
Above: My Nanna came out to Australia when she was about 12 from England. She was a 'Jordy' a name for those that live up around Newcastle on Tyne, which my father says is a river. I'm yet to travel there to see for myself. Her older sister known as 'Aunt Ina' was older at the time, roughly 19. A few years back I ended up with a copy of her diary in which she wrote all about her trip over on the ' Otranto'. Along with that, I obtained some awesome black and white pictures of family in England, what she saw on the way over and photos from Australia. Thought I'd share some that interested me.


Elishia and Belinda said...

Those photo's are amazing Bel! I especially like numbers 1, 2 and 7. I'm following a blog atm called Yours truly xo. Its on our list if you wanna check it out. She has a very, very cool style. I'm so jealous of her op shop finds! Anywho... She has collected all these random black and white photo's with a beach theme and then framed them. I love it so much, its inspired me to do something like it. Might take me awhile tho! Thanks for posting these :) Also, love the booties! Save some tea for me xoxo E

Elishia and Belinda said...

Love that blog! Thanks for putting me onto it! Wow so jealous of lisa being in london! Don't worry saving the tea opening ceremony for when we have a proper place of our own. I'll save some for you too. See you in September - all 3 of us!

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