Tuesday, March 29, 2011

some inspiration from the depths of my computer

Lisa Mitchell concert in Adelaide (when I was there) She's an Op Shopper for sure!

where else do you find poppies in the middle of the city - another from Adelaide

my work colleague Hilary had a cool vintage style jacket worked into her look

Tazmania  - this features my love of it's beautiful Hydrangea's and raspberries

Near Yerranderie in the middle of nowhere we found this blossom! There were ruins of a village left by gold rush period nearby so my guess is it was planted way back then, only to look odd amongst the kangaroos and wattle trees surrounding.
fancy doors of St Mary's in Sydney

original 1950' dresses we wore at my sisters wedding.

Above Make-up, Hair and Photography by Lisa at Kayt-et-madison (also see below black and white photo)

A bit of class from The Tea Room - Top of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney

Max Brener. Need I say more? Go have some. Now.

Listening to: Russian Red - Cigarettes

Monday, March 28, 2011

Finally My Belly and Me - doing the 70's

Admittedly this was a week or two ago so I promise to post newer ones soon! Do you recognise the dress? I found it hanging in the tree at the last garage sale we went to with you guys down south in Adelaide... remind me where it was again? I'm missing that town with the cute cafe playing Lisa Mitchell, teapots hanging from the ceiling, flowers and tea on the table! Lovely...
And my little bird from mum (the other side is brown which I think I prefer..this was a better pic though hehe) I've named him Maddox - so don't think this will end up being our son's name...so any ideas? Boys names? Anyone?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My home today

Yeeeeeeeeee! Zennan finished the frame for Old Friends and it is now hanging :)
I love it so much. It feels so right there.

We got these capsicums from a garage sale today.
They are so beautiful I don't want to eat them!
These are my favorites...

This one because it reminds me of a Jester's shoe

and this one coz it doesn't really know what the heck its doing

Also got this collection of books. 
I particularly look forward to reading Sing for Your Supper.

Recent op-shop find. Isn't she sweet?

Drawing is an old one of mine and the dainty flower piece is an op-shop buy from Mt Barker

Flowers I found on my morning walk

This weeks display. I recently sold Man, which usually hangs here.
So I replaced it with Spring Collection which we got to enjoy for about a week before it sold too!
So we're back to this mirror.

Cleopatra had a Jazz Band is some old sheet music I framed.
I have a few other nice ones Nathan gave me but no wall space so I think I'll put them on rotation. 
Chillies are from our bush out back.

Our cucumber bush is totally out of control and is eating the rest of our garden

But the cucumbers are incredible so its worth it

Hamlet letting us know that he wants to come with next time.

That's it for now. I have sooo much more to show you though including my favorite drawing that I have been longing to frame- all framed :) some more op-shop nick knacks, things Zen bought me on our Melbourne trip as an early anniversary present (he thought it safer to buy things I swooned over in an Antique shop than to get something on his own) and what is now the most beautiful vintage dress I own!! Love -E xo

Melbourne trip

We just got back from a trip to Melbourne. It was mostly taken up by visiting the rellies but we also managed to fit in a day at Brunswick st (my new favorite place) with Nathan. Here are a few photos we snapped along the way. This florist was INCREDIBLE. Inside the shop was floor to ceiling blooming with colour and the flowers were so cheap!! Wish we had a place like that in Adelaide.

$2 vintage shirt, my fave scarf, Nathan's cardie and my latest Etsy aquisition- The bag!

Real leather with adjustable straps so it can be worn as a back pack. Much kinder on my injured spot than the usual shoulder bag. And pretty cute to look at too :)

Two trendy fellows

This is Nath's favorite haunt The Black Cat. 
We had the most delicious Gluten-free vegetarian pizza.
To die for.

The old buildings on Brunswick street make for awesome spaces.
If only we could live in one *sigh*

Same place.

And finally.. me being a dag :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Lazy Weekend In Bathurst

spent a night by the fire, eating woodfired pizzas straight from the oven!

ah to have a house backing onto nothing and watching the sunset..

for a love of country flowers

...and pumpkins growing on the fence
 Being a long weekend (yes it took me this long to get these pics up!), there was nothing much open. To my dismay my favourite cafe 'The Hub' was as most things were, closed. However the trip down Keppel St was not in vain! Just when I thought the coolest thing in Bathurst was The Hub (fav cafe), I strolled past a store which had me take photos of the inside through closed doors...

 Oh The Naked Bud! Are you sure you couldn't have opened just for me?!? Check out that link and see just how cool their shopfronts can be....

So on that note, we went to Elies, the only cosy place open and enjoyed - you guessed it - chocolate cake! What is it with these pregnancy cravings...it's a great excuse anyways!

back home with my trusty $3 vintage travel bag! Courtesy of Op shopping with Elishia in Adelaide!

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