Sunday, October 23, 2011

October with E

 Happy Sunday everyone. Ahh.. my favorite day. Can't tomorrow be Sunday too?

So last night was my brother in law's Engagement party and lazy me didn't take any photos but I managed to nab these 3 from my friends phone. No full length outfit photos to share unfortunately but I did get to wear my skull cap which was nice.

With my gorgeous sister in law

Our roses start blooming in October and I am enjoying them so much.
Here are some of them on my cluttered dresser. The flower picture is a new market acquisition.

I think the display on the set of drawers below gets changed around much more than any other surface in my house. Its nice to have a space that I'm not at all precious about.

My brother found these linen threads still in their original packaging in an old derelict building in Melbourne.
They are from Kilbirnie, Scotland. How cool is that?!

One of Zen's finds. I'd like to find out if it still works because I have recently become fond of the idea of writing people letters using an old typewriter. 

My Aunty gave me this pot plant holder from her own collection. It brings me straight back to my childhood and days at her place. If my niece likes it when she grows up then it will become hers

And finally, another pretty photo from our time in Sydney with T & B :-)

Love and hugs and hopes of a lovely day to you all
~E xo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A morning in Melbourne

During our super-duper quick visit to see all the family in Victoria we managed to squeeze in a few nice cafes and this INCREDIBLE vintage store called Lost and Found

Yeah I was hyperventilating for most of the time.

It just went on and on.... up and down. You could definitely spend the better part of a day there.
We bought a cool T shirt & denim shirt for Zen, a pretty skirt from the $10 chuck out rack for me and an old Little Mermaid book for Charlotte.

 Breakfast was at Proud Mary

 Home made hash brown with everything on it.


For lunch we went to a place called Bimbo's for gluten free pizza.
It was decked out in the daggiest couches, you know.. old but not cool old. Hanging from the walls were ugly second hand items gathering dust. It seems that this type of decor is all the rage at the moment. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. 

Here's Zen all cozied up on our unsightly couch of choice

The pizza however was superb as was the lager of pear cider I had with it.
That's all I managed to capture this time 'round.
I'm off to an Engagement party tonight and am trying to decide whether to put the effort in to get vintaged up or if I'm just gonna chuck on something simple.
Hopefully I can find a happy medium.

Have a great weekend everybody! ~E xo

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm a Parent?!?!?!?

Loving my Knock Knock Stuff Journal from Z & E. I'm sure I'll come to fully understand the depth of meaning in these quotes as Max grows up! Loving this:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arthur Rackham

Firstly - Don't forget about the Competition! Ends November 1 so enter on E's  facebook art page. To enter simply 'like' her page then press the 'Share' link on the left hand side of the page to share Elishia's Art with your friends. After you've done this leave a message on the wall saying which print you would like to win.
We've also received some compliments on the header of this blog - yup, that's right another beauty by E! Follow by b & e, or her facebook art page for updates on her art.

While on the topic of art  ...   who is Arthur Rackham?

I discovered him while E & Z were up in Sydney and we popped into an Op Shop on the way to the Blue Mountains (More on that another day). I picked up a Nursery Rhyme book for Max. The first print of this book was in 1913 and well I was delighted and captivated by the older style artwork, created by none other than Arthur Rackham.

Lovely yet haunting aren't they? So this led me to search the web for his works and I really had to narrow it down for favourites, and I know given his entire collection I would likely choose differently, today this is what I found and liked or adored, namely the first one(!):

 So do you like?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Submerge Yourself....

After "helping" my sister after her move the other day (by "helping" I mean as much as you can do with a whingy 4 month old) we decided we needed a cafe stop. We were delighted to discover she lives right by a funky cafe - wait a cafe clothing store! Wait, a cafe-clothing-shoe store. I could go on, but basically they are a shop too.  We had the most awesome Affogato (Tam) and Tim Tam Frappe (Moi... can't have coffee in the afternoon, so this was a suitable substitute...). Have a peek...

to try on your Vans before you buy them...
the cushion backing is covered in coffee Hessian bags ... cool!
cousin Keira (Kiki)
can you make our Tam's reflection in the clock? Love it!

The cousins talking, saying goodbye!
Oh yeah it's called "Submerge"...... fitting.

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