Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bobbin' along...

A very long while ago, before Max could even walk, we visited Dave and Amy and of course Toby the doggie, down at their beautiful south NSW coast home. I had been dying to know if some photos turned out on my roll of film and had figured they were all on a roll that came back blank. Today I was happy to find a few shots I had forgotten about on the next roll! Particularly had tried to capture the friendship that developed between Max and Toby. Toby became Max's protector and was constantly checking up on him.  Other than this I will have to do an entire post on how much I love their home! Next time!

Living in the western suburbs of Sydney, I am immensely grateful to have found not only a funky cafe, but one with awesome coffee! Thank You Circa Espresso!

Despite the hilarious face, I assure you he enjoyed his babycino which came complete with a cute paper striped straw...Love!

For our lovely summer full of heat waves we spent it camping at South West Rocks. Trial Bay Gaol to be precise. It had the best swimming spot I may have ever been to! The photos show more of the rocky area - just as nice though! Swimming and relaxing. Here are some shots of what it was like from my film.

Bit of a catch up post.
Hope you liked!


lauren, curious constellation said...

It looks like you had an amazing holiday and Toby and Max look adorable together.

Micaela // Drifter and the Gypsy said...

Your film photos have such great colors and qualities to them.

Mary M. said...

I love your photos, seems like you had a blast!

Have an amazing week,
Mary x

b and e said...

These photos are great hun! I love the one of Max and Toby and the one looking up at the Gaol wall. I'm pretty certain Circa Espresso is the place Zen and I noticed when we went out on our own one time. Wish we had of lead you back there now, you could have found it sooner!

This post has me dreaming of a holiday on the beach... perhaps we can take one together one day :) ~E xo

Michelle Elizabeth said...

That first photo of the table and chairs and dog? is that where you live? that space is amazing! It must be perfect for photos!

b and e said...

I don't remember you going out alone...? It's in a really obscure place not near the main strip of Parramatta. In fact to go there I have to pay for parking in a complex behind, as its all no parking and businesses and roads. We looked it up online! Great rating.


b and e said...

It was our first visit when we had our own car and went to meet Kurt and Rachel at the shops. Your description sounds exactly like the place, we were driving around side streets looking for parks but couldn't find any which is why we didn't stop in.
It might not be the same place but it looks and sounds like it exactly! Anywho.. glad you found it, it looks like an awesome place to hang out :)
~E xo

Angelica said...

What a wonderful blog <3
I'm definitely following you now!
Lots of kisses

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