Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gypsy Dreams

 Happy Sunday good people! Its finally Autumn here in Adelaide! Yay for long sleeves, comforting cups of tea and blankets at night! 

I know I hardly ever share outfit photos anymore. Truth is I rarely look blog worthy and have lost my Vintage mo-jo somewhat. My line of work strictly requires dark plain clothes and for the rest of the time comfort inevitably trumps style. Recently though I bought this very lovely Vintage skirt which I thought was worth sharing.

The top is a Sportsgirl/Op shop find as was the necklace-come-belt. Bracelets are from Witchery and my gorgeous earrings were handmade in Portugal and were a gift from my dear mum.

For those of you who don't know yet, we will be moving to Melbourne in 9 weeks!! Very exciting stuff. But also stressful. Who else hates moving? Stupid question. EVERYBODY hates moving.
This is what my house looks like nowadays...

I do hate the moving process but I LOVE un-packing. Can't wait to decorate a new home! 
We have a lot of loose ends to tie up, including making changes and improvements to some paintings in the hope of selling them before we go. I'm making huge discounts on some of my paintings including these two once they're done. If you're interested in having a snoop you can see the rest here.
Also slowly wading through my clothing and will be selling some Vintage pieces here.

Amongst all the mayhem and mess there is always some beauty and peace to be found...

Lisianthus from my man and a much appreciated letter from B have kept my sane.
On that note, I'm off to have another cup of tea. Coz I can.

~Love E xo

Monday, March 25, 2013

slowing down with many a good magazine...

Now, you know I already love Magazines, especially anything leaning towards different or vintage.
Thanks to a friend of mine, I am tempted to become obsessed!
 She not only introduced me to Kinfolk properly, but in our swap process I feel as though there is a clutter of magazines flying about in my head.
In a good way.

Absolutely amazing photography; Articles beautifully written; Creative in a soothing way; Recipes relating to gathering together, entertaining, for a simply lovely experience. Loved this in every way.
This is not the issue I have read although I am currently trying to get my hands on it. If the copy I have is anything to go by - the first issue, so I'm assuming it is only going to get better!- then bring on the baked Camembert, balcony gardens, apple picking, toffee apple crumble, seed swap (love it!), photos of fading signs on buildings, and loads of loveliness!
I didn't get to have a proper read of this one, but from viewing it briefly again here, I find it to be a bit like Frankie Magazine in feel and design, but WAY more creative. It also seems slightly less uni-student, and slightly more directed at inspiring you to get creating! It is also my friends favourite so far I believe, and she has very good taste.
If you are wanting to be kept intrigued and up to date with cool cute new things, I recommend signing up for Frankie Magazines newsletter. The magazine features well, whatever! It changes constantly, with a very uni-student vibe (highly opinionated writers are just trying to figure it out - but in a very cool way) introduces you to the lives of creative people and new ideas.
A magazine full of interesting articles, primarily focused on being kind to the environment and our bodies. Peppermint is cute and provides you with little crafty projects and ideas to encourage teas and vintage shopping. Well, at least that's what I got out of it!
 Open a google tab right now, and do an image search on Anthology Magazine. Do it. and just browse. So pretty. Home goodness at it's best. I think I would LOVE this magazine. A mix of Country Style and Real Living Magazines - what else could a gal like me want!?
I haven't read this one, but it claims to be about creative people, not things you can buy or spend money on. Just have a look see. I like the look of it but have yet to pick up a copy and have a flick through. However, it caught my eye and seemed worth sharing. 
More to come...
going crazy for pretty mags.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I believe that much unseen is here also.


(this mat is made from vintage scarves being sewn together...dont know who made it though!)


A delightful collection of photos taken at Dave and Amy's place in Shellharbour. It felt like a stepped into a Real Living Magazine shoot, using Maxwell and Toby (for those who don't know Max is mine and Toby is well, their gorgeous best ever dog!) as little models of how homey it is! I am constantly amazed at how they manage to work in industrial vintage, antiques, random things and even a bit of french shabby chic, and they all just look right alongside each other!

Some inventive ideas I love are Daves many lights - our room had a mason jar light, theirs an old mining light, the spare the lantern above, and of course his copper kitchen lights also above; the use of a pallet upright attached to the garage shed outdoor wall, filled with plants; the chalkboard for kiddies featured above; the spice cabinet made from a vintage crate/box; the hescham coffee bags used to cover the vintage chairs Amy also creatively painted in bright shades, and the cushions Amy made from material I believe she recently picked up in Vietnam. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a lot of things... One of the nicest things was catching up with our friends, and seeing Max and Toby get along so well. Oh, and the baked brie with herbs. Mmmm...

 Love the mix! Hope you do too.
bye for now,
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