Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend at Parkinson ave

The weather is becoming very wintery indeed here in Adelaide which has made my daily walks increasingly difficult for all the obvious reasons but also because cold air gives me extremely painful earaches.
So that my thighs don't suffer the consequences of said earaches I invested in this pair
of vintage rabbit fur earmuffs from Etsy. The got their first test run yesterday and thankfully kept my ears ache-free as well as looking pretty cute!

The weekend also contained copious amounts of soy lattes accompanied by this almond and apple cake

I use this almond cake recipe a lot and vary the fruit I use according to the season.
The following recipe is for a very large cake using a 29cmx23cm baking dish but you can half the recipe and use a normal sized tin if you wish. It is so very moist and gets better as the days go by, tasting its best on 
day 4. It has never lasted more than 5 days in our house but I suspect it would keep for a week or so.
It is of-course, Gluten and dairy free :)

~Almond cake~

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees for a fan forced oven. Line tin with baking paper.
Beat together 250g Macadamia or Rice bran oil with 350g caster sugar and seeds of 1 or 2 vanilla pods until creamy. Add 4 large eggs and beat in well.

Gently fold in 100g rice flour, 100g potato four (sifted), 2tsp guar gum, 2 tsp baking powder, 150g almond meal and 2 pinches of salt.
When combined fold in 8tbs of soy milk.

Now you can add fruit of choice. My favorite is Pear with honey and walnuts but other good combo's are Plum (grate lemon zest into cake for this one and fold through pistachio nuts) Pineapple and ginger, mixed peaches and nectarines are nice too... whatever tickles your fancy.
Cook in the oven for 50 minutes or until the center of the cake is quite firm. 20-25min for the smaller cake.

I also use this almond recipe to make lime syrup friands which are absolutely divine! 
My mother in law calls it angel food.

I also re-arranged my display as you enter my home to accommodate my latest painting.
I doubt I will keep it there for very long as I prefer a more feminine look for this space but its nice to have a change.

The tins were given to me from my Nana when I was a teenager and I still love them.
It helps that my favorite dog is the cocker spaniel.

We scored this awesome record player from friends that are moving

How cool is it?! We're yet to see if it works but it looks great either way.

Hope you give the cake a go and find a lovely space in your home to enjoy it in :)
~E xo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's finished!!

I first had the idea for this painting when the young man in it was 12. So 6 years ago! I took the photo about a 18 months ago and started painting it almost a year ago. So to finally have this on canvas and finished after all that time....  the feeling is indescribable :)
Its taken about 20 minutes for the Adrenalin in my body to subside! Ha ha!
So here it is...

and a detail shot...

It's kind of a pair (kind of but not really) to this one I did called 'December'

Haven't got a name yet for the one of the young man so, any suggestions? 
Pleeeeease no one say 'skater boy'. 

If you like my work any would like to see more please visit my facebook page and press 'like' :)
or if you know anyone who wants a painting, drawing or portrait please send them to me!
(If you haven't caught on from my shameless marketing, I really want this to be my full time job!)

Happy day to you all ~ Love E xo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All the beautiful ladies

Here are some photo's of my favorite beauties of today.
It is no secret that I have a major girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.
And here's why..

Need I say more?

Rachel McAdams.
Each time I see her in a movie I just gaze. She's superb...

It's rather sickening how many hairdo's she can pull off!

Another actress that has my attention is Carey Mulligan.

Have you ever seen anyone look so fabulous whilst riding a bike?

If you haven't seen An Education yet you should do so. The wardrobe's are amazing!
We watched it at the Moonlight Cinema's while drinking Chai latte's from our Thermos :)

Song of the day ~ Stay with me baby, by Duffy

~E xo

Monday, May 23, 2011

The good ol' days...

What does this all mean? It's so frustrating having a massive belly! Don't get me wrong, I love this little baby bump, however it would be nice to post something fun, say vintage dresses from my mum! Outfits, or things as such. Not long now.

On another note - what should I do with my hair? If I can't wear my lovely vintage outfits, I can do something with my hair can't I? Suggestions? It is currently blonde (with re-growth!) a bit choppy and around shoulders, with fringe growing out to the side. BORING.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Georges Dambier

I had to share with you some of the work of Photographer Georges Dambier.
I have been up until today unaware of his existence.
These photo's are Oh so beautiful and simultaneously make me want to go to Paris, time-travel, put on lipstick, don a pair of vintage bathers and learn how to surf, find that perfect little black dress, eat croissants and paint.

Hope they made you feel something too ~Love E xo

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Precious Snippits from my Childhood

 With my cousins. I wonder what these flowers are called. Aren't they lovely?

 Doesn't my Dad look handsome? :) 

Two of my favorites of Nathan and I.
Wish I could pull off knee-high white socks now!
I can however, still pull off pink knitted cardies and actually own one much like the one I am wearing at 2 years old. Not sure what that says about my fashion sense. All I know is it goes beautifully with my floral 50's day dress :) ~E xo

Latest additons to Vintage Aesthetic

How amazing is this Linguaphone?!

It is a French language course on Records

The Introduction book has all sorts of adorable illustrations in it. I wish I could keep it (as usual) but I think it would be better off finding a home with someone who will use it so its up for sale on Etsy

Also up for Sale is this awesome 1960's Swimsuit

I sold this one last week but wanted to share it with you because it is so beautiful!

As always, I wish I knew how to sow so I could of made a dress out of this one. Ahhh.. it looks so pretty in my mind! Oh well.. some lady in Germany is about to receive it and I'm sure she'll love it very much :-) ~E xo

Baby Love

With a little boy due to arrive well, pretty much anytime from now on, I've been going through some goodies I love. See if you can spot my fav booties. It's pretty obvious.



The Childbirth Classes are over! Which means birth is imminent!           How scary!  Here's some of Tom and I learning to wrap!

 We had the really tiny baby... wonder why they gave it to us? Hehe.


Listening to: The Little Stevie's
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