Friday, November 15, 2013

Moments In Melbourne

titles as presented:
goats play
love of child
the chick hunt
as they always shall be
puddle play
funny face off
a playful laneway
hey looky what I found here
step in
a zennan at the door
do they even know how beautiful they are
melbourne or paris?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

a spot over here

One Saturday morning, when we couldn't do what we normally do due to no gas = no showers or cooking, we decided to have a coffee and breakfast at a little spot we had eyed off less than 5 mins from home. Campos coffee and enthusiastic baristas meant our main priority was covered... however the atmosphere here was what had me enthralled!

Quirky, eclectic, random, this place had it all. Too much? Hard to say, when you are so busy trying not to miss something gorgeous or delightful in every nook, do you think you would really care? Being vintage obsessed, I was just happy to be sitting in an old cool chair (albeit we sat at a kids table for max so was a little squashy hehe our choice!) with a funky 70's coffee table surrounded by lamps and lighting from an era ago, watching my son discover typewriters, deer heads, forgotten children's trikes bikes cars and toys!

Baby-cino face :-P
It's serious business people.

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