Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bookshop Cafe

 Found this cute cute place on last month's south coast trip.  Love-ly.
 This old phone, actually works!
 The doors to the right opened to a treasure trove of antique books - I'm thinking of going back for Sherlock Holmes, or the Heidi it is though I purchases Pride and Prejudice!
 Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald's music featured above this ol'
Needless to say...Max had a great time.



Sadie Dear said...

That looks like a very neat little bookshop! We have a sweet little used bookshop downtown where I live that I love to visit: as a matter of fact, I am inspired to plan a trip for this weekend. Thank you! =)

lauren elizabeth said...

this is so cute! i want one.

b and e said...

Hey b,
Could definitely spend an afternoon there! How lovely is that tea set on top of the blue shelves?! ~e

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