Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday at Mount Compass

Our holiday was completely wonderful!! We both feel as though we got everything we needed out of it. 
You can't get much better than that!

I ticked everything off my list. Basically I slept, read 2 wonderful books, ate lots of yummy food, went for windswept walks, visited wineries and watched a bit of tellie. Divine.

We started with a GINORMOUS breakfast of yumminess at home.

The view from our cabin

The resident canine. He was so lovely and nearly knocked me over by banging his wagging body against my side every time I spoke to him.

This is what I saw every time I looked out the bathroom window.
I wasn't able to capture its true colour though. The leaves were more blue than green and against a charcoal grey sky the colour combination was so beautiful.

Before we left I made my almond cake but this time used spiced quinces.
I've never cooked quinces before and was enthralled by the magical way it changes colour and filled the house with the most delectable fragrance for hours and hours.

...Walks we took..

We went to the Willunga Farmers Market to get food for the week.

 It was wet and windy.

But still very lovely and we were able to snatch up some organic goodies and these tangy-sweet smelling sweet peas. As the flower man was packing up I scored them for $4 and they're still alive and gracing my bed side table right now. So so lovely.

I finally got to eat my Croissant :) with REAL butter *sigh* 
and St. Dalfour Strawberry jam which is my current obsession.

On our day out visiting wineries I wore this blue top which I bought for $1 at an op shop (I believe it is actually a pajama top but I keep telling myself that this doesn't matter), my fave vintage scarf, secured with my Emgee Umbrella Brooch, Grey high-waisted pants from op shop and a little boys clip on bow tie which I scored for 50c at the oppie around the corner. These photos were taken during a sporadic sunny spot and I had to layer up as soon as the photo's were finished!

Zen in his element.

We did a little coffee crawl at Willunga on our last day starting at this little french style place which was so quiet and calming and in honour of you Bell, ended it at the Green Room..

... with a chai latte and this delectable yoghurt cheesecake.

I'm glad I got to share all this with  you today as it is my first day back to work and reality. However, putting this post together has allowed the holiday to linger a little longer in my psyche and has put a smile back on my face :) Love E xo


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

this looks liek just the perfect holiday!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Elishia and Belinda said...

Leesh, it's divine! Did you bring your own teapot (green)? I remembered you saying when you go away you have to bring things from home.. looks so homely! If you didn't live opposite a creek I'd say you really need to move somewhere pretty because it just fits you guys! Actually Zennan looks pretty 'city' in the wine photo - I laughed when I saw 4 wine glasses around him hehe. (Tom thought it should say 'Zen in his Zen'). AND THANKYOU for visiting the Green Room for me -it really brightened my day to know you were enjoying it and thinking of me hehe. Loved that day we spent down south, hopefully we can recreate that mood when you come to Sydney!

Elishia said...

Ha ha, yeah that's my teapot! I knew I'd be buying and picking flowers and knew the cabin wouldn't have anything nice to put it in. I'm kinda high maintenance, I know! Zen was definitely in his Zen :-D This awesome winery let you taste the premium wines along with a serve of bread, olive oil and cheese for only $10 which was redeemable with any purchase from the range. Such a good idea! We wished you were there, Tom would of loved it! I'm sure we will have many more lovely memories to create when we come in September :) Love u ~E xo

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