Thursday, March 27, 2014

Healthy Nom Nom-ness.

Snack/Breakfast Ideas


Boiled egg (however you like it, but a bit runny allows for yummy saucy-ness)
a really quick "salad" of finely sliced celery, diced cherry tomatoes, capers, olive oil, S&P.
Yup that's it and it's yum!
Would work with a variety of ingredients I imagine, but as far as quick crunchy, saucy, healthy goes - this works!
I guess we sort of all know this one - Chia seeds soaked in Coconut Milk - dash of cinnamon can be used as flavour! Also Max loved this frozen into ice block moulds with some avocado to "get it into him" ! .. next step on the feeding-a-toddler-super-healthy-stuff monitor is to try frozen green smoothie/juice. Muhahahaha!
This was an AWESOME idea. I admit I ate it rather quickly. Dip made from roasted (though for quickness I browned them up in a fry pan) cauliflower and zucchini, dash of lemon, small amount of garlic, salt and pepper and olive oil. Blend, blend, blend. YUM.
Fry up some bacon for crackers and Voila!
Feels fancy shmancy.


Chicken, beans (okay so carb count not spot on for this dish... but they were purple beans from our garden), green olives, pickled lemons sliced, one small leek, parsley, thyme, water. Slow and Low heat to melt it to delicious perfection. The preserved/pickled lemon was a real star here (okay so this dish wasn't fully detox food but awfully close in terms of what it didn't include). Oh and mind the white beans in the photos - some of the purple beans were better to use the insides.

Yes, there are meatballs under the tomato sauce! Egg, herb, leek and mince fried then plopped into a sauce with veg. More garden herbs added - rocket adds zest!

Hope there is a little inspiration there for you :-)


b and e said...

Yum to everything but especially the dip!!! So doing that soon! I love that we're doing this now by the way...! Totes good inspiration! ~E xo

rahmi fadhli said...

Nitip gan

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