Friday, December 2, 2011


The 10th of December. It's fast approaching. What's so special about it? I've been asked to perform a song or two at a music night down south of front of say 150 people. Eeek! I've never had the guts to do this before, but as the organiser Dave, said, I must cross it off my 'bucket list'. Here's hoping I don't chicken out at the last minute. I've decided even if it goes poorly, at least I did it!

I've been trying to practise, but also just trying to put a spark into the music I am listening to, so as to keep my joy alive about music and not just get caught up in nerves and the like. Tom and I purchased two CD's - Grouplove - they are very good, I knew quite a few songs from the radio and so many different sounds, but not as much as Kimbra whose CD we also bought. Man am I loving her album Vows! Apparently a famous blogger likened her music to Nina Simone, Florence and the Machine and Bjork. She also reminded me of Feist. She's from New Zealand but now lives in Melbourne, Australia (you know how I love my local music!) I was amazed at how different each track is. There are a few on the slower side but really drawn out by her beautiful voice. I loved how 90's the track 'Call Me' was it took me by surprise how well executed it was. Overall she has a rather Jazzy sound which is addictive! Do have a pause, open up a new page and search everything on her!
Yes - she's the voice in the infamous "Somebody that I used to know" with Gotye - so chilling.

The Seekers - I borrowed my mother's 6 record collection of seekers songs and I'm loving it! They were Aussie as far as I know, however I couldn't help thinking how Irish or something they sounded - kind of like Laura Marling? 'Train Whistle Blowing' was always my favourite as my mother would sing us to sleep with it. I cherish that now I can soothe Max with the same song.

 I love her dress, now vintage, I thought the right person wold look great in it as a wedding dress!



 what to do with this fabulous fabric I was given which is about 40 years old!
 Where to start with my frame wall?

 What to do with my vintage clothes I do not fit?

Ideas anyone?

it's good to hear you believe in love


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi, good luck for the 10 Dec, you brave thing you. I love the Seekers. They did Georgie Girl too, if I remember rightly. MMMMMM, what to do with vintage clothes that don't fit. I have quite a few of those which are currently festering (not literally, I hope) in my wardrobe. oooooh, I dunno. I've sold a few (which I;ve regretted) and with the rest I thought I might cut them (eek!) and use them for patchwork purposes. Is that a bad thing to do? Probably....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting such a great opportunity! Break a leg...I'd be terrified!!

Mabel Time

Marisa Violeta said...

I'm sure you're going to be amazing :D

Emmmaaa said...

awwww good luck! I was meant to be singing in our school christmas show but it got cancelled :(

Elishia said...

You will sing beautifully.
You will inspire.
You will rock your vintage outfit.
You will show that bucket list who's boss!

b and e said...

Thanks guys! And thanks leesh for the encouragement I need it!


tiny dancer said...

Good luck with your preformance - Hope you do well :)


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Seize the 10th!! Go for it!! You will be brilliant!

kaytetmadison said...

How exciting Bella, you are a fantastic singer and I know you will be great! Will someone record it? I've love to see the performance. Just pretend you are singing to Max and no one else, you'll be fine.
In regards to the vintage clothes, can you alter them? They are worth saving!!
Love L x

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