Thursday, December 15, 2011


A lovely couple of days down the south coast of NSW left me with some lovely images of the quaint town of Narooma...

Is this some old english way of spelling Cinema?

I loved the girly bunting in the window - alas during both my walks it was closed!

 And all my favourite flowers!

 The Motel's Kitchen grew almost everything in their garden. 
Not only delicious but organically healthy too!
 Giving us ideas for our soon to be garden bed!
 Managed to pick up fresh cherries on the way home mmm
like mini plum goodness

Motel Feature - Interesting Idea!

The View (zoomed in..)
 The Motel had the MOST AWESOME gormet resutaurant...only we decided to eat it in.
Having this sort of amazingness delivered to your room is beautiful.
I know right?!?

Homemade Bread with Truffle Butter!!
 And the little man enjoys the lounge which allows him to fall safely while sitting.
That's all folks!


Jo said...

Ohh, it looks like the dreamiest place for a getaway!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

melynda said...

homemade bread.......YUM!

m x

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