Thursday, December 1, 2011

My! What a Time!

Many blogworthy things have happened since I last blogged, however it's been so hard to find a moment to share them. Even doing one notable thing in your day, with a bub seems incredible! So as we start an new exciting month, I thought I'd share what cool things I've been up to in November.

The 22nd of November was our 3rd year wedding anniversary and we treated ourselves to a couple of cafe breakfasts. The first one was on the weekend and we headed down to Croydon for coffee and brekkie, then Burwood for a browse (okay, I did buy some nice vintage style tops. and perhaps a cardigan....). I've been getting back into photography again with my SLR, however being old-fashioned with my lovely film, I've yet to process them and share. Promise I'll get back to it!
The beautiful stain glass window at The Strand Cafe, Croydon

Max attacking daddy at Burwood

Beautiful Jacaranda down the road from us - How I love them!

On the actual day of our anniversary, I woke up and told my husband "Man I feel Ugly today!". His response? "Well get ready, make yourself feel pretty and let's go to Newtown!"  As he usually works, My response was a "whaa?".
Turns out he had planned the day off and wanted to take me to my favourite trendy shop strip: King St, Newtown, Sydney. I''d been wanting to go back so badly after we had amazing Thai there with E & Z in October. HOoRaY! What an awesome hubby.

This was a fairly good choice for a day out with our little boy; we could take it at a slow pace but still see many things. What would the day be like without this gorgeous little face?

Funky Backstreet Cafe: Vargabar

Me and my little Man

I love my vintage green earrings - thank you Steph!
 We were sitting at a bench open-air to the street. One man, while in his car waiting at the lights, wound down his window and called out to us, telling us how cute Maxwell is! Others who came to order coffee at the next open window were gushing... it's still hard to believe this little guy belongs to us! (then I remember labour...)
I wish I ordered what Tom did - YUM Chorizo and cornbread mmmmm

Okay, so my muesli wasn't sooo bad..

Aw, I love his staring expressions. If only it was easier to catch his constant squeals and chuckles at the outside world!

Check out his awesome vintage shoes! Thanks Aunty Lisa!

Interesting decor...
In another cool shop
Anyone else a fan of 'The Kiss'? You could buy teacups, saucers, plates, platters and cupcake stands - just about anything with 'The Kiss' all over it! Made me think of E.

How awesome, this place does alternative, VINTAGE and Classic hairstyles! How lovely!
We bought a few cool things - but I'm wearing them for a gig in a couple of weeks so I'll try and share that then!

About a day or two later a parcel arrived express from Adelaide - from the lovely E & Z! As we opened it I smelt cookies! Sure enough there were beautiful spiced ginger biscuits inside a lovely tin (I ADORE THIS TIN) and with a quaint perfectly suited card.

Now what is the tin resting on - my oh my, my new chairs!

I've FINALLY found the perfect chairs. I was hoping to collect a set off odd vintage chairs but when I saw these I knew they were for us. Tom agreed. Here's a sample:

I'll show you more of the whole dining area when I finish setting it up. I've always loved the old style backing but the cushion area is just the happy, pretty sort of colours that make me smile.

Meanwhile some random shots I love and my house this past month ...

we love to play

Max seems to love flowers
Yep, this is what happened when Max pulled the full vase towards himself.

The start of our herb garden

feet feet feet

same face time

Well that's a wrap, for now.

don't lose your muchness

B xx


Vintage Fabric Addict said...

Not as cute as this fella though.

Zara said...

Beautiful pics. Your little one is such a cutie. x

Antoinette said...

Your little man is absolutely gorgeous and lots so much like you! You must be such a proud mama.

devoured said...

Your little boy is really cute! Lovely pics - really like all the fresh flowers in your home :-)

kaytetmadison said...

Wow these photos are amazing B! Max is absolute gorgeousness. Looks like you had a nice day in Newtown. Did you know "The Kiss" is my favourite painting? I almost got to see it when we were in Austria, but we didn't make it as far as Vienna.. one day!! L x

kit and nancy. said...

those chairs are utterly fabulous!!!!

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