Monday, December 12, 2011

b and e

So this is us.
E                  &                  B

This was one from E's visit to Sydney early October, which I liked, thus the sharing!
Stay tuned for an interview with E to find out how amazing she is! hehe

Been super busy lately, although the music night was postponed due to bad weather. It has not stopped pouring rain around here the last few days! The tree outside my window which once housed a little family of birds has snapped in half from the wind in the thunder storms. Max doesn't seem to mind the noise as much as our puppy Taylor!

Dying to update on the 'Finder's Keeper's Market' held in Sydney over a week ago, our trip down south and a bunch of awesome vintage jewellery Steph gave me however my camera is tired and is therefore hiding from me. I'm sure I'll find him soon.

Hope everyones' having an awesome time...

 what if you never were short for time?

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Lover of Vintage said...

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