Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My latest painting

Just finished this little guy today! Although I probably shouldn't say 'little'
as he's 92x92cm. Not the biggest canvas I've ever worked on but by far the biggest face!

Hope he makes you smile :) ~E xo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All Vintaged Up

Hello everybody! Thought I'd share this outfit with you as my outfits are rarely blog worthy these days but I thought this one was kinda nice. I have on a 1940's Skirt which is a part of an incredible 3 piece suit that I just adore. One of my all time best Op-shop finds. Lace top is from a vintage store in the city and the belt, shoes and stockings are Op-shopped.

And here is my favorite winter Jacket. My first piece of vintage that I paid real money for. 
I love it so much! Op-shop hat.

The little pearl flower earrings were an anniversary gift from my Pop to my Nana and were given to me to wear on my wedding day along with a pearl choker. Here we all are....

My Pop was such a gracious and gentle man. Doesn't he look dapper in the Top hat and cane? 
(pinched from one of the groom's men)

~Love E xo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage outfit, pressies and around the house

Stephanie's Vintage Dress
I was unable to snap a pic of my friend in this vintage dress a few nights ago, so asked her to send me a pic when she got home - thanks Steph! I love bright vintage when you want to look funky but still of course vintage lovely.

Hannah from back at my Adelaide work - love the tied belt!

and this winter she better be wearing her puppy mittens!

My sister Tammi bought me this lovely red handkerchief (the girl is on top of a teapot!!) and this cute cupcake holding socks and a bib, from a gorgeous little town south of Sydney - Berry. Very quaint so obviously I love it! Cute cafes and shops and beautiful scenery in spring! No wonder these pressies are so quaintly lovely!

My friends Kristy & Ruben from Port Augusta sent us this gorgeous bear!

Dave and Amy visited - of course Amy being a florist gave me absolutely beautiful Flowers along with "Jerry" the Giraffe.

Elishia's Pressie
  - I received these and other goodies just before getting induced - Leesh they really cheered me up before my ordeal! They now have a place one on each side of the cot and Max uses them to settle himself to sleep (most days!)
Parcels from Lisa and Nelson...

My loved Heidi book, a parting gift from Elishia when we left Adelaide, sits with my treasured 'reading girl' which my granny gave to me as a child, as I was a bookworm!

A painting Tom's mum did of her hugging her little boy - I love it more now I have a son of my own

What to do with my scarves?! Any ideas of cool ways to store or display?

An awesome vintage belt from my nanna

my pretty things will need leesh's creativity when she visits!

just a jar of buttons but i love it

one of the awesome pressies from friends Alex, Becky & Ella - hopefully he will fit it for the convention or a wedding!

Vintage Shoes for Max - love Lisa and Nelson

My attempt to brighten up this area and cover electrical boxes...always getting complimented on the horse - another from Granny, very special to me. I love its whimsical forest animal-ness.

from aunty lisa and uncle nelson - love it

vintage-like bag from lisa

Card from Lisa and Nelson - Obviously Lisa checks my favourites on Etsy! This ones going to get framed!

Vintage recipe cards which came with lisa's etsy gifts

again - lisa checks my etsy and buys me a favourite! This vintage jumpsuit, can't wait till he fits it!

More from Lisa - Zara Baby overalls - they look so vintage to me! Love the leather clips at the top!

Our friend Leah made this for Max - MADE it!! How cool is that! check out the buttons below.. So very Tom, so hopefully so very Max!

Meet Harold..

Max's new friend from Stefania and Chris

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old Favourites, New Music

Now I'm talking Awesome Aussie Artists (females today) here people so get ready!

Ok, so do you like Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltman?

Then check out their new band "Seeker, Lover, Keeper" L-O-V-E Loving it!

Check out their other songs too!

Then There is Kate Miller-Heidke's new sound and new band "Fatty Get's a Stylist" with her hubby:
Are you ready for them?

Then there is the opposite situation; A band member going solo. Now this one's been on my playlist for a while and I still enjoy her creations. From Angus and Julia Stone: Julia Stone...
Talented Gal! Her Album Julia Stone and The Memory Machine has some great stuff on it, and I dig the artwork - old 1950's horror movie poster style.

Start Watching Her Videos Now!

So that's what I'm into lately musically. There are some others but these have stood out over the last month or two and I wanted to share with you.

Any tunes you'd like to share? I'm always up for new musicallyness!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pleats Pleats Pleats

Found this lovely vintage dress recently at the Op shop around the corner.

For the hefty sum of... drumroll please....... $2!!!
Its been ages since I've bagged a bargain that good!

I tend to love anything with pleats so I was pretty wrapped :)

Found any Op shop goodies lately? ~E xo

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday at Mount Compass

Our holiday was completely wonderful!! We both feel as though we got everything we needed out of it. 
You can't get much better than that!

I ticked everything off my list. Basically I slept, read 2 wonderful books, ate lots of yummy food, went for windswept walks, visited wineries and watched a bit of tellie. Divine.

We started with a GINORMOUS breakfast of yumminess at home.

The view from our cabin

The resident canine. He was so lovely and nearly knocked me over by banging his wagging body against my side every time I spoke to him.

This is what I saw every time I looked out the bathroom window.
I wasn't able to capture its true colour though. The leaves were more blue than green and against a charcoal grey sky the colour combination was so beautiful.

Before we left I made my almond cake but this time used spiced quinces.
I've never cooked quinces before and was enthralled by the magical way it changes colour and filled the house with the most delectable fragrance for hours and hours.

...Walks we took..

We went to the Willunga Farmers Market to get food for the week.

 It was wet and windy.

But still very lovely and we were able to snatch up some organic goodies and these tangy-sweet smelling sweet peas. As the flower man was packing up I scored them for $4 and they're still alive and gracing my bed side table right now. So so lovely.

I finally got to eat my Croissant :) with REAL butter *sigh* 
and St. Dalfour Strawberry jam which is my current obsession.

On our day out visiting wineries I wore this blue top which I bought for $1 at an op shop (I believe it is actually a pajama top but I keep telling myself that this doesn't matter), my fave vintage scarf, secured with my Emgee Umbrella Brooch, Grey high-waisted pants from op shop and a little boys clip on bow tie which I scored for 50c at the oppie around the corner. These photos were taken during a sporadic sunny spot and I had to layer up as soon as the photo's were finished!

Zen in his element.

We did a little coffee crawl at Willunga on our last day starting at this little french style place which was so quiet and calming and in honour of you Bell, ended it at the Green Room..

... with a chai latte and this delectable yoghurt cheesecake.

I'm glad I got to share all this with  you today as it is my first day back to work and reality. However, putting this post together has allowed the holiday to linger a little longer in my psyche and has put a smile back on my face :) Love E xo
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