Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I adore Adelaide.

A beautiful few days in Adelaide with the lovely, perhaps loveliest Z & E, made for very, very, delightful memories. After almost a year and a half back in Sydney, I have been taking solace in the rare times I get to op-shop, the vintage style cafes I find on south trips and the occasional antique store. My poor, poor mind thought this was enough; amazing even. Upon returning to Adelaide I fell in love all over again with it and realised how much vintage perfection I was missing out on. I think I may have even gone into shock when on the day of my arrival E took me to a vintage cafe - I mean vintage everywhere AND a section for vintage clothes. We managed to fit in a visit to an amazing organic cafe/shop and had the yummiest breakfast, a great op-shop where I bought a few things for max and I, and more vintage shops. I was in love. 

What I didn't expect was to be blown away by the Gilles street Market even more! The outfits above are what we wore to the markets and boy did we have a good time! (Well I did, I'm pretty sure E would say she did too hehe!) More on those vintage goodies later.

E's house is a treasure trove of vintage things and I will post some of my shots of her beautiful home soon, but for now I've included my lil' Maxwell "posing" with her awesome vintage kids chair and wooden aeroplane.


p.s how many times did I say vintage just now?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wandering..Pt2.. Funk and Junk

Not far from my favourite Treehouse Cafe in Ulladulla is an amazing jam-packed vintage shop 'Dee's Funk and Junk'. It was hard to get good shots, and I really feel these pictures don't do it justice. Things like old school desks, old kids books, rulers, even a little bottle for ink just did not come out in photographs. So annoyed that I didn't have cash on me as the blue lantern was only $15 which is amazingly cheap - usually over $40 for anything like it. Then there is the vintage mirror which I not only need for my bathroom but have been dying for, for well, ages now. Not to mention the doctor's bags, on stove teapots, scales and old books. Sigh. At least there is gorgeous Adelaide in only two days to fill me with even better delights of the vintage kind. Just to be in E's home is like a meadow of vintage treasures. 
 Eeek! Just a little excited now!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wandering in Wonderment....Pt1

Another south trip for Tom's work led to yet another lovely stop in at the Treehouse Connection Cafe. Every time I go there the setup has changed and I fall even more in love if that is possible! Last time I went it was obvious they needed more seating as it was sooo popular, and this time they had it all sorted! 
The first two shots of Max and I were taken in a park in Berry, a town which I am dying to take Z and E to when they visit. So.. what do you think of the hair?
When I get a chance I'll show you some other cool things I discovered on this trip!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Bedtime

Just wanted to share a little vintage loveliness from Peter Alexander's new range. 
Don't you love it?


Sunday, May 6, 2012

this that and a hat

Good day everybody! 
Here are a few pretty things I'd like to share with you on this drizzly Autumn day. 

My Aunty gave me this gorgeous vintage hat. I find vintage hats awfully difficult to wear as they're so often over the top, or extremely tiny, or leave you wondering if it is indeed supposed to be placed on your head. Although this hat is none of those things I'm still not sure I'll ever get up the guts to wear it out as I have an aversion to standing out and I think it would draw unwanted attention.
What do you think? Wearable? Not?

 Top was a bargain from Dangerfield and my trusty Umbrella necklace is from Creatures Of The Greenwood By Emgee

Our garden has blessed us with a few lovely roses this week. I wish I could also share the smell with you as it is divine!

 I've been hunting down glass jars like this one. I have two so far, one which houses my tea and this one which doesn't have a rubber ring so will be used for flowers and the like (a cafe that I frequent uses them to serve their fruit salad and muesli in which I think is a really cute idea)
My goal is to rid my pantry of plastic containers and replace them with glass.

Btw.. it's chrysanthemum season!!! Yay!

I often surf the net for healthy living ideas and it seems that all I've been hearing about lately is Coconut products, especially coconut oil and flour. So I finally bought some and have been very pleased with them both. The flour takes a little getting used to as it need to be treated just so to be successful (my first attempt at cooking with it was a disaster resulting in completely un-edible cookies) but once you get the hang of it its very nice. I followed a recipe on the coconut flour packet and the result was AMAZINGLY YUMMY!!! It is gluten, dairy and sugar free but so, so yummy!

I made it once with the hazelnuts and I wasn't crazy for them. I think macadamias would be better. The second time I tried it with 1 cup of mixed berries and 
So good! Do resist the urge to just pick up the whole cake and bite into it.
Momentarily it would be heaven, but believe me... the richness sets in!
Also, if using frozen berries make sure they are completely defrosted and at room temperature before adding to the mix as coconut oil solidifies at the slightest drop in temperature.
Hope you get a chance to make it one day :)

~Love E xo
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