Saturday, May 5, 2012


The Sunshine District said...

Haha :) Too cute! I guess it is kinda the same thing... especially Tazo Zen tea! My fav!

Anonymous said...

No problem, I haven't even posted in weeks!

Anyway, yes, it's very hard to get someone to cut my bangs! I found this salon in the town where I live and the girl does them perfectly every single time. She's the best. BUT I work in a town 35 minutes away and my work schedule always conflicts with that salon's hours, so I hardly ever go there unless I have days off which is almost never. There is a hair salon across from the library where I work and I have to go there because they're open when I get off work. The girl does an OK job, but I don't love how she does them. At the moment, my bangs are longer on one side lol. And one time she cut them to paint brush length. I wore headbands until they were longer. I like them short, but not TOO short! I really just want to learn how to cut them myself.

Thanks for seeing me as an inspiration! That's really cool! Good luck, make sure you post pics :)

I love your tea poster!

Mabel Time

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