Friday, May 4, 2012

Absolutely Adore: Rachel Khoo's La Petite Cuisine a Paris

I may have gone a little french mad lately, and this has clinched it.

Too lovely not to love am I right?
Suppose I better explain - Rachel Khoo, for those who have not yet heard, cooks out of a little Paris kitchen and now we can watch it, read it and adore it!
She makes french food look amazingly easy to cook whilst adding the perfect amount of British influence to lure you in further. Forget Nigella people this gal is adorable (could I use that word any more in this post?)

 She laughs while cooking and is completely down to earth despite the french culture and her proper pronunciation of everything perfectly Parisian.

Not to mention doing all this in beautiful dresses, possibly vintage. Her tiny beautiful kitchen is full of old pots and pans of the most delightful colours! One of her main mixing bowls reminded me of cooking with E in Adelaide. Sigh.

Needless to say this inspiration has had me cooking up a storm which I'll have to share a little later. French influence in my food has increased since I used my sister's French cooking book to make a scrumptious lemon cake last week. Then we watched 'A Good Year'. And re-watched 'Midnight in Paris' and happened to be listening to Carla Bruni all of yesterday. Now this. 

What's a gal to do but let the Parisian's reign?


Okay so here's a final taste!


Miss in Bloom said...

Ha love her too. My boyfriend is starting to get a little worried about my obsession with Rach (as I like to call her, in true Croydon fashion)..he says it's a good job her tv series has finished...I'm a bit lost without her though. Everything French is wonderful, Paris is my favourite city and you can't beat eating a crepe, walking along the seine, wearing a swingy mac and some ballet pumps....swoon...xx

b and e said...


She IS adorable (you are excused for using the word often)

Can't wait to watch it! ~e

Miss Kimbers said...

She's so pretty! Her dress in the first photo Ahhh I want it :) :)

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