Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lovely Granny

My Mother's Mother... AKA Granny. How lovely! Had to share.


High Tea Anyone?

 Our friends Nathan & Olivia held their beautiful wedding reception at Sir Stamford Grand, Circular Quay, Sydney.... The Elizabeth Room, and the rest of the Hotel was divine in it's vintage-ness. Joy! Max looked fittingly dapper in his tux!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I finally finished this painting today!
Venice is the first place I ever dreamed of going to.
Until that day comes I suppose this is as close as I'll get.

Hope you're having a lovely day
~Love E xo

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunshiney Sunday

 Happy Sunday everybody! After a very lovely day of lunch with friends and an afternoon at home, baking biscuits, drinking coffee and reading on our day bed I've come to realize how much my soul needs regular days like this. For several weeks now my work weeks have been rolling into my weekends and this has lead to one grumpy Leeshy. I have decided to do all I can to ensure this doesn't continue.

Anywho.. enough of my epiphany.
Spring!!!! Have I mentioned how much I love it?
I'm enjoying shedding my winter clothes and wearing dresses and skirts again.


The skirt was a gift from my Mum, found at an Op shop and the tank is Miss Shop.

My Nana gave me this hair flower when I was about 16 and although I love it I don't wear it much because, well its kinda ginormous! I'm getting a little more adventurous these days though so I think I'll wear it more this summer.

  And finally my shoes!!! Courtesy of Harbor Town and my larger than expected tax return.
They are Wittner and make me very, very happy.

Pretty pretty pretty.

 Our garden is still gracing us with lillies and recently we've had a lovely burst of Iris's and Poppies.
I love orange and purple together.


Recent Op shop acquisitions include this pretty little plate

And this adorable little guy

He is officially my first Kitschy purchase.
Makes me smile.
Zen found this little German book and we are both enchanted by the Illustration on the cover.

It has a few lovely drawings scattered here and there

I look forward to doing some research and hopefully finding an English translation.
Or should I leave it a mystery?... We'll see.

My father and mother in law bought me this lovely retro tin.

I think they had ulterior motives however because I usually bake some goodies for them when we visit and when they gave it to me Tracey said "Will this replace the green biscuit tin?" 
This tin is much larger than my green bickie tin!

I may have to start experimenting with Slice recipes and this can become the 'Slice tin' :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend with your loved ones
~Love E xo

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Ideas - This and That

Well I've gathered a "little" collection of cool ideas I would like to try around my new place at some point. It might take a while, but surely when E visits I'll get inspired and with her help, perhaps, just maybe, the house will get a final decor adjustment to be 'just right'. So here's some cool ideas, mostly vintage inspired.

I heart birds!

 I'm loving the wallpaper in the above and below shots - mostly cause I love wallpaper!

I really want to try this at a tea party!

Definitely trying this out the front on our peppercorn tree

heart vintage maps!!!

sigh.... so lovely...
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