Thursday, September 15, 2011

Home Ideas - This and That

Well I've gathered a "little" collection of cool ideas I would like to try around my new place at some point. It might take a while, but surely when E visits I'll get inspired and with her help, perhaps, just maybe, the house will get a final decor adjustment to be 'just right'. So here's some cool ideas, mostly vintage inspired.

I heart birds!

 I'm loving the wallpaper in the above and below shots - mostly cause I love wallpaper!

I really want to try this at a tea party!

Definitely trying this out the front on our peppercorn tree

heart vintage maps!!!

sigh.... so lovely...

1 comment:

Elishia said...

I love that the third photo is somebodies toilet! Beauty can surround us wherever we are!
Adore the shelve of mirrors and frames.

I have the exact same blue jug on the far right in the 10th picture :-)

Lovely collection hun, thanks for sharing xo

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