Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm Adoring Silver Ridge Studio over at Etsy...

THIS website will make your day

I've been loving these teacups for so long now.. there is also a fox (squeal!) and bear sooo cute

This Victorian wedding sign

I love the idea of these spoons for your family - or for special occasions like a wedding!

This photograph of my sister's fills me with childish wonder...

Love this
would look great on my frame wall...

can totally relate to this

 Wishing I had more of this green in my wardrobe...perhaps this dress?

Sigh. I love this blouse. The whole look really.

Inspiration - or a whole heap of wants?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Garden:

Max! and a forming frame wall.
Although suffering through a nasty cold at our place, we are managing some smiles thanks to our sweet garden! It really is lovely that even when cooped up all week looking after a sick little boy, whilst being sick myself, I can wander out to the garden and find things starting to flourish. 

We are always eating freshly picked rocket, as it seems to grow back overnight! Good thing we love it here, and have managed to keep a large block of haloumi on hand to whip up a salad with - also thanks to our abundance of lettuce. (note to self: really no need to buy three punnets of lettuce)...

Our tomatoes are green but constantly growing and there are more flowers, husks are forming on the corn (although the plants themselves are rather small - anyone know if that's OK or means something??), eggplants are getting beautiful purple flowers, sesame leaves are growing well enough for a good Korean BBQ, silver beet/rainbow chard are going well enough for us to eat - although some rain damage, the beans are wonderful we are using them daily in our meals, and well everything just keeps growing! I love to see the effort we put in come to fruition - in a form of edibleness!

Have you got a garden giving goodness? 

growing delights

Sunday, February 19, 2012

words, hands, dinner, HAPPY


 Number 2 on the February Photo Challenge:   Words. 
This was my To Do List and well, somehow, Max got his hands on it!

Talking of hands, Number 3:


Number 6:


Number 11:

Makes me happy (lately)
Garden Produce! We have gotten an influx of basil meaning pesto time! My friend Natasha who helped us start the garden up is always welcome to garden produce, and she helped me in gathering and cooking the pesto, rocket & lettuce for the haloumi salad, silver beet (and rainbow chard) and even my sesame leaves for Korean BBQ I'm hoping to make. Today we found a few more tomatoes forming, dozens of beans growing large, baby beets, radish seedlings popping up and wonderful flowers on the eggplants and zucchini's! Hooray for organic home grown living! Let's hope it keeps going strong!
Max (in a box - "boat")

More of E's yummy biscuits - taught Shirley how to make them 
...and proceeded to overcook them...
Love fresh flowers and fruit oh and not to mention the latest op shop acquisition of the vase and mug! Chai Tea to top it off - also taught to me by the infamous E! (well she should be infamous!)

 The Treehouse Cafe in Ulladulla made me the best WONDER WOMAN juice in a jar. I loved discovering this awesome magazine while I was there.

 First time I've ever made congee for breakfast - YUM

 I just loved these roses Tom bought for me... kept moving them around everywhere.
Where are you off to Mr?
Drinking and talking into his stacking cups...yellow is his favourite.
What? I'm just going to climb on top...
Have you noticed a common theme... MAXWELL!

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