Monday, February 13, 2012

Canberra Friends and Food

We spent some time with friends in Canberra at the end of January, and had a wonderful time. They showed us the best bar & tapas which had the best atmosphere - fresh flowers, trees everywhere, jazzy music, lamps and things; very bel. After that we strolled into town (literally, and it was a freezing walk!) for amazing hot chocolate, and well, more chocolate.

I loved that all the lamp-posts in the city had pots of overflowing flowers around them. When does a city - not a town- have that?

Jillian and Nathaniel have such a lovely style. I didn't get a shot of her bedroom, but was dying to share how lovely her place was regardless...

don't you just love the b & w photo to the left?

Notice the country style magazine - no doubt her inspiration to keep such a quaint place! Although I was delighted to find a frankie magazine when we arrived!

and Max and Mum try out the new carrier - delightful. 
Hmm. Not sure how max feels about it.



Jillian said...

Hey its our house! Cute pics Bel. xo

b and e said...


Love it Jill!


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