Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wandering..Pt2.. Funk and Junk

Not far from my favourite Treehouse Cafe in Ulladulla is an amazing jam-packed vintage shop 'Dee's Funk and Junk'. It was hard to get good shots, and I really feel these pictures don't do it justice. Things like old school desks, old kids books, rulers, even a little bottle for ink just did not come out in photographs. So annoyed that I didn't have cash on me as the blue lantern was only $15 which is amazingly cheap - usually over $40 for anything like it. Then there is the vintage mirror which I not only need for my bathroom but have been dying for, for well, ages now. Not to mention the doctor's bags, on stove teapots, scales and old books. Sigh. At least there is gorgeous Adelaide in only two days to fill me with even better delights of the vintage kind. Just to be in E's home is like a meadow of vintage treasures. 
 Eeek! Just a little excited now!


Maria said...

You comment was so lovely it made me smile! And yay, another Aussie blogger! Thank you SO much for the sweet words you left on my blog, it really does mean so much. The Notebook is BEE-U-TIFUL! I love it and am not surprised so many agree with me.
I love this post of yours! Dee's Funk and Junk looks like heaven -- I adore vintage shops so much and my Mother often has a hard time dragging me out of them :)

Again, thank you for the comment! I'm following you <33
xx Maria

Megan said...

This place looks amazing! I definitely see a lot of stuff I'd like to take home :)

We have a place here in Florida that's similar to this and I could spend hours inside!

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