Friday, April 27, 2012

I wish I'd see a field below

In an effort to ease my current grumpiness (I am enduring a rather problematic and traumatic root canal treatment which I have just discovered is going to take approximately 1 year and thousands of dollars to treat (if it works at all). Yeah 'grumpy' is probably an understatement.) I have just made myself a cup of tea, some Vegemite toast, and will now share with you some prettiness from my collection of prettiness folder.

I adore everything about this bedroom

 Love the glamor of this bathroom

Go check out Ginny and Harriet on Etsy. They have lots of lovely stuff for sale but I also just love the studio where the photos are taken. So Inspiring.

Have been eying off these canisters for a while now

How great is this?!

and this.

I would love to paint this stunning woman.

Well, I feel a bit better now. Nothing like tea and beautiful things to rest the soul a little.
Hope you are happy and well!
~Love E xo


b and e said...


EEEeeeek! I am just picking myself off the floor! Where do you find these I am in heaven! I've opened about a million tabs to look into all of these! Thanks for sharing I needed some fresh inspiration!
So sorry about the root canal!Don't want to think about it (I think one day Ill need one...) Shame you are having a meh day when I'm actually having such a good day after a miserable few.
Max is walking though!

I think the middle part of the cannisters is like the biscuit tin you sent me - which I still adore!

That last woman I just want to be. The map pillows I've been dying for such a long time to get my hands on! The Studio pictures are amazing! Can I have a house like that?



b and e said...

Ha ha b, you're so cute!

I am glad to have sent you to heaven :)

Please, please, please do not put off going to the dentist if you think you have something that needs fixing. If you never listen to anything else I say, just listen to this! PLEASE.


Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

What a wonderful collection of eye candy!

shine little light* said...

yum yum yum yum to allll of those pictures. yum. That is all.
Also I am so sorry, you gave me an award agggggges ago and I haven't reposted - what an ingrate! things have been a little distractorated around these parts. I will try and get to it xsx

Miss in Bloom said...

Could I please have her blue hat????....pretty please :o) x

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