Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pink and Green

Just thought I'd share a few photo's of my home these days

Lots of pink floating around my home these days. I never thought I was particularly fond of pink but I guess it turns out that I am.

Can't be without my home magazines! I have WAY too many though (probably 100 or so) so I am working on a scrapbook to widdle down  my collection

Afternoon munchies

I bought this little guy from a lovely nursery in Unley. Shortly after buying him though I almost killed him by thoughtlessly leaving him by a sunny window.
I frantically ran him to the sink and after soaking for an hour, he sprung right back to life!
Way to hang in there Mr. Plant!

It is our Seventh Anniversary this weekend so we're taking two days to hang out together and do lovely stuff like eating out for breakfast and going to Farmer's Markets. Can't wait!

Hope your week has been nice so far!
~Love E xo


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Pink is the money! Lovely feel to your home and aren't bougainvilleas the best! They don't mess so much when in vases and they are so bold, lovely!

b and e said...

Love your entrance display! Very retro vintage.
Still not talking to you about the frankie mags.
oh and make sure you save the leftovers of the magazines for me to rummage through!
And I haven't forgotten about your anniversary! Hope you have a lovely time.
Beautiful home as usual!


Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Gahhhh! I have that tin with the little boy on it too :) any idea what was once in it? I got mine from the op shop. Loving the styling xo

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