Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seven Years

It was our seventh anniversary yesterday and we managed to take a few days to wander around our beautiful city and spend some time pottering around at home. 
Fresh flowers are essential at any time but especially on an anniversary~

What I wore~ Singlet from a boutique in Tasmania, skirt and sunglasses thrifted, backpack was a gift, and shoes from.. erm.. a shoe shop on Rundle mall which I can't seem to remember the name of.

We started the day off with a trip to the Adelaide Farmers Market where we had a very yummy breakfast. It was our first time there and we have decided we should make it a regular 
once a month treat.

After that we wandered around Adelaide and stumbled across this wonderful cafe named Galaxy Lartay. I'm astounded that I've only just found it as it is so very my type of place.

Check out the beautiful old cash register!

This lovely lady prepares all the food on this tiny bench with much care. Each dish is fresh and healthy (except for maybe the gooey sour cherry, chocolate flan. But that type of thing is healthy for the soul so its all good to me)

Everything on the menu looked amazing but I decided on this Chicken, Spinach and Coconut soup.

All the pieces of fruit lying around the place minded me of a Caravaggio still life.
I've found another blogger who posted from here if you want to see more of the place

I'm looking forward to going back one afternoon on my own with plenty of time and a sketchbook.

Song of the day~ Walk on the Wild side by Lou Reed

The next day we had this sweet omelet with glaceed figs, goats cheese, thyme and maple syrup.

 I pottered away on this painting for a bit then we went for a stroll around Stirling, got Thai takeout and watched The Help. 

Life is good!

~Love E xo


b and e said...


SIGH. long sigh.

I tink i just fell a little bit more in love with everything in each and every picture.
We have to go to this cafe together!

I'm so glad you enjoyed your anniversary. Congratulations! Can I just say your eyes are amazingly blue in the picture of you both. (p.s have you noticed in fringe everyone has blue eyes bar two people??? meaning...)

How good are figs? MAX loves them fresh however I made a caremelized fig and onion tart and man!! Newfound appreciation!

I'm fallling in love with adelaide more the longer I read this post. But that's what you wanted wasn't it?

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit. and I'm totally totally stealing that skirt!

Stop making me miss you guys so much!


b and e said...


Luring you back to Adelaide is never the aim of my posts but if that's how it makes you feel then I guess I'll just have to keep it up!

Yes we are DEFINITELY going to this cafe together when you come up :)

Not sure if there's any significance to Fringe members having blue eyes but you never know!

Yes, figs are THE BEST.

Thank you for loving my outfit, however you may not steal my skirt!

~e xo

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