Friday, April 27, 2012

remembering Adelaide...

As I patiently try to await my first trip back to Adelaide after moving home pregnant, my thoughts drift to certain good times.

That, and I was re-reading a magazine article all about how fantastic Adelaide is.

 Central Markets. The delectable delights. Lemon and chocolate - need I say more?
The black and white shot above was taken in queue for Lisa Mitchell concert. It's a really good shot of us I think. Natural. We hadn't really long known E, Z and Elishia's brother N? Okay, well Nathan, not sure if an initial suits him. Despite the newness of the formed friendship, I think we all knew it was a keeper.

It's beautiful how the city of Adelaide decided to grow poppies in the middle square.

The shot of well, admittedly, mostly green grassy hills, (the famous beautiful Barossa) I just had to share because it sort of represents what my mind's eye sees when the word "Adelaide" pops up. Does anyone else do that? I have this colour connection with Australian States. NSW=blue/grey VIC=Pinky/Red QLD-Golden NT=Dark Orange/Red WA=Dark Red TAZ= Deep Blue and SA= Green Green Green. Not sure if this came about when I was young learning the states and they were the colours on the map I was looking at...but I also think it suits the feel and weather of each place. While we lived in Adelaide, at least, it was remarkably green. The rain fell so much you wouldn't know there were water restrictions in place. In fact there was even flooding and summer storms - which I thought was normal being from Sydney, but was told in Adelaide it certainly was not!

Now Adelaide is a Chocolate Heaven. Haighs the best of the crop I tasted, although E had told me about a chocolate and wine tour which well, just sums up Adelaide right there now doesn't it?

The last two shots were when my very good friend who I don't remember ever not knowing, Natasha, popped down for a visit. We spent the day mostly in the city enjoying the old amongst new which is constantly on offer everywhere in Adelaide.

Some snippets of beauty from the Real Living article.
Now I just have to make it to May to experience more Adelaide goodies and share them with you!

eagerly awaiting


b and e said...

Hey b,

I needed this little post today, thank you!

Am also eagerly awaiting your visit, not long now!!!

Love you xoxo ~e

Bubble My Licorice said...

Lovely blog :)
You guys look really cute too!

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