Sunday, April 1, 2012

Southward We Blow

With most of my family and a few dear friends living in Victoria we try to get down and visit as often as possible. That is to say, not often enough! 
We went down last month for a combined 30th Anniversary party for four of my Aunties and Uncles.
With my family being very generous people and my Brother living in Kew ~Brunswick street!; The mecca for the vintage/hipster crowd~ I always come home with something nice.

I picked up this vintage top from a store on Brunswick street which I can't seem to remember the name of, hopeless blogger that I am! All I know is that it was on the Sale rack for $10! Score!

Pants, bangles and earrings were thrifted. Shoes from Nova and gorgeous little green bag was scooped up from the most amazing Garage Sale I went to with B a few years back.

We were on our way to an Engagement Party yesterday and stopped at my favorite place to buy gifts,
Villa Provence at 375 Greenhill road in Toorak Gardens.
Its full of lovely Frenchy stuff and I go there for practically all my gifts as I know I'll find something lovely within my budget.

I just love the back of this top!

My Autnty (the one who gave me the tea towels) is a keen Cash Converters Jewelery Hunter.
She has lots of lovely Jewelery and very kindly gave me this little beauty. She knows it is just my thing as I have 2 other rings in a similar style. I am stoked because I didn't actually have a wedding band (long story) and now I do!

I was having a cup of tea with my Nana and excitedly showed her a photo of the teacups Zen bought me. She said "Oh, I have teacups like that" and pulls them out of the cupboard. *Gasp* they were so beautiful! Nana is a lot like me or should I say I'm a lot like her, in that we believe in using our beautiful things (otherwise, what's the point?) and we will readily give away our possessions if it is evident that someone will enjoy them more than ourselves. So.... She said "I don't use them anymore. Would you like them Leesh?" and I said "YES!"

and.... there's six of them!

Here they are with some pine nut biscuits I made. Would you like the recipe?
If yes, I'll do a post soon.

Over the past 2 years I have been very spoilt in the cosmetics department as Saskia worked for Estee Lauder for a time and is now working for Dior. She hooks me up.

I was extra spoilt this visit as she gave me this beautiful limited edition Miss Cherie Perfume.
I have a sensitivity to most perfumes and can wear only a very few but Sass seems to know what will work for me and what won't.
This one is so sweet and glamorous. I wear very lightly and usually only when I dress up a bit.

My Aunty also gave me a cute vintage hat which I will blog about another time.
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

~Love E xo


b and e said...


Many things in this post make me jealous!

Great outfit, you can pull it off so well too!

I cannot believe you just got given 6 teacups that pretty. If I didn't like you I'd totally hate you for that! And lets not talk about the perfume! jealous jealous jealous!

Did I go with you to that shop at all or was it a different one - it was very french I recall.

Always interested in Leesh Recipes!

Oh and stop showing off your frankie mags LOL just kidding. I'm coming over there to read them. (that is the point isn't it? To lure me back to adelaide via this blog?!?!?!)


b and e said...


Well if that was my objective it must of worked, coz YOU HAVE A PLANE TICKET!!! Yayness X 1000!

Not sure if we went to that store together, but yes it is very French.

~e xo

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