Sunday, June 26, 2011

Green and Yellow Clouds

I've had a lot on my plate this month. As in the peas have been falling off the side and the chicken drumsticks keep getting eaten by the mashed potato. However, as of 4 hours ago all I have remaining on my plate (Johnson brothers in Blue Cloud of course) are a chewy roasted turnip and a couple of soggy Brussels sprouts after which all I've got to do is lick the gravy off of my fingers. And then......... the month is over. And then.......... we go on holiday!!!!!
It will be 5 nights in a VERY basic cabin (which we shall call 'a modest little lodging' as it sounds more gratifying) at Mt Compass. 

I am silly amounts of excited about it.

My plans are: Sleep. 
 Go for long walks. 
Maybe do a portrait of a Native American man that I've had on my mind. 
Read then Sleep. 
Hopefully find a nice country market or some op shops.
Have a croissant for breakfast as I've been craving one for about 3 months now. Time to get that one off my mind I think.

And of course take lots of lovely photos to share with you.
In the meantime... 

It occurred to me that I've never posted photos of my favorite gathering of prettiness that I possess.
My Kitchen cupboard containing my collection of Johnson Brothers (and Johnson Brothersesque) lovliness.
I realize now that this is because we have very little natural light in the kitchen dining area and my silly camera seems to have caught my aversion to dark places and refuses to give me nice pictures unless his subjects are being drowned in light.

So I had to use the flash. Yuck.
Never mind... I had to share this time because recently Zen got a haul of new stuff from an Auction which has resulted in me- a) having to sell some other stuff to justify keeping the new stuff and 
b) having to colour co-ordinate my shelves coz I've go SO MUCH now!

This Green Cloud Jug was the beginning of my obsession.
It was love at first sight and I bought it at a garage sale for $10.
Funnily enough its still my favorite :)

The pink tea cups in this photo came as a set of 17! 
Now 16 :-/
I really should be selling at least half but I keep envisioning a high tea one afternoon with all my lovely lady friends pottering about holding matching pink tea-cups!
So they will stay. For now.

I love this dainty lid!

Last week I made chestnut biscuits which were yummy but not really recipe sharing worthy.
They made a nice photo with my Soy latte though!

Also sourced at Auction is this awesome set of shop scales.
It weighs about 30kg. I was afraid poor Zennan was going to snap in half backwards when he was hoisting it on top of our meat safe!


Our Garden is currently.... well.... it contains sour-sobs and not a lot else .
We do have a few spatterings of Jonquils though.

 I love this little milk bottle. It says "No Deposit No Return" on one side and "Half Pint" on the other.
It looks best when filled with poppies.

First Lilly of the season! Last winter our 2 pots of  Lilly's completely overtook our front porch and we had to clear our way to the door with a machete. I hope we have to do the same again this year.

Next post will be a yummy Choc-nut biscuit recipe :)
~Love E xo

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Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Lovely photographs, the colours on the china are so calming. And the scales are amazing!

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