Sunday, June 19, 2011

This, That and The Other

This month has been overwhelmingly hectic but there's always time to appreciate little things.
I have been particularly enamored with our cat Hamlet lately.
I think it is because in the winter time he piles on the pounds and grows a lovely winter coat that makes him oh so cuddly. He is also more affectionate in the colder months and basically stalks us for cuddles.

Like me he compulsively hunts sunshiney spots.
Unlike me, he gets to curl up in said sunshiney spots for hours at a time.
Sometimes I think we work simply so that we can provide a warm home and expensive daybeds just for Hamlet. This leads to me resenting him from time to time but I quickly get over it because he is  so undeniably lovely.


My fave peice of jewelery these days is a knife pendant from Emgee which I have been matching up with a little bit of bling and this beautiful Marquisette leaf brooch.

Very pretty thinks me.

I haven't had any time for my art this month but hopefully I should soon be able to finish a charcoal I have started. It will be in the same mother and child theme as this one

I also have started a Venetian Streetscape painting which is crying out to be finished.
My friend let me use his photo from a recent Europe trip

Should be nice I hope.

There has also been time for cake :)
This is Chestnut and honey cake but came out a little dry so will have to tweak the recipe I think but it wasn't bad for an experiment


and finally some prettiness from on top of my wardrobe

Happy Sunday everybody! Love E xo


Brogan said...

The second and third pictures of Hamlet make me laugh so much!

Elishia and Belinda said...

Ha ha! And I'm not even there to spur you on! ;-)

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