Tuesday, March 29, 2011

some inspiration from the depths of my computer

Lisa Mitchell concert in Adelaide (when I was there) She's an Op Shopper for sure!

where else do you find poppies in the middle of the city - another from Adelaide

my work colleague Hilary had a cool vintage style jacket worked into her look

Tazmania  - this features my love of it's beautiful Hydrangea's and raspberries

Near Yerranderie in the middle of nowhere we found this blossom! There were ruins of a village left by gold rush period nearby so my guess is it was planted way back then, only to look odd amongst the kangaroos and wattle trees surrounding.
fancy doors of St Mary's in Sydney

original 1950' dresses we wore at my sisters wedding.

Above Make-up, Hair and Photography by Lisa at Kayt-et-madison (also see below black and white photo)

A bit of class from The Tea Room - Top of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney

Max Brener. Need I say more? Go have some. Now.

Listening to: Russian Red - Cigarettes


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great photos - I love the wedding picture with the 50s dresses, must have been a brilliant day.

Mirror of Fashion said...

Such a cute post! Love the jacket of your collegue.

Marisa Violeta said...

I love that Russian Red song. Such lovely pictures :)

yoli said...

Nice pics!

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