Saturday, March 26, 2011

My home today

Yeeeeeeeeee! Zennan finished the frame for Old Friends and it is now hanging :)
I love it so much. It feels so right there.

We got these capsicums from a garage sale today.
They are so beautiful I don't want to eat them!
These are my favorites...

This one because it reminds me of a Jester's shoe

and this one coz it doesn't really know what the heck its doing

Also got this collection of books. 
I particularly look forward to reading Sing for Your Supper.

Recent op-shop find. Isn't she sweet?

Drawing is an old one of mine and the dainty flower piece is an op-shop buy from Mt Barker

Flowers I found on my morning walk

This weeks display. I recently sold Man, which usually hangs here.
So I replaced it with Spring Collection which we got to enjoy for about a week before it sold too!
So we're back to this mirror.

Cleopatra had a Jazz Band is some old sheet music I framed.
I have a few other nice ones Nathan gave me but no wall space so I think I'll put them on rotation. 
Chillies are from our bush out back.

Our cucumber bush is totally out of control and is eating the rest of our garden

But the cucumbers are incredible so its worth it

Hamlet letting us know that he wants to come with next time.

That's it for now. I have sooo much more to show you though including my favorite drawing that I have been longing to frame- all framed :) some more op-shop nick knacks, things Zen bought me on our Melbourne trip as an early anniversary present (he thought it safer to buy things I swooned over in an Antique shop than to get something on his own) and what is now the most beautiful vintage dress I own!! Love -E xo

1 comment:

Elishia and Belinda said...

1. The Old Friends look amazing there!
2. Capsicums - wow not much happening in Adelaide hey? Lol just kidding!
3. Did you really sell your dad? (you know the picture of him?) That one was stunning! You have true talent - but you don't need me to tell you that you are a real artist!
4. Love the Jazz music sheet - had a similar Idea with an old record cover but haven't framed any yet!

I'll try to make a few interesting posts soon - unfortunately as much as Sydney has to offer, I doubt it will compare to the (to use the word again) quaintness of Adelaide or Melbourne!
Till then...

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