Monday, May 23, 2011

The good ol' days...

What does this all mean? It's so frustrating having a massive belly! Don't get me wrong, I love this little baby bump, however it would be nice to post something fun, say vintage dresses from my mum! Outfits, or things as such. Not long now.

On another note - what should I do with my hair? If I can't wear my lovely vintage outfits, I can do something with my hair can't I? Suggestions? It is currently blonde (with re-growth!) a bit choppy and around shoulders, with fringe growing out to the side. BORING.

1 comment:

Elishia said...

Do the thick blunt fringe again! Do it do it do it!!! It really looked amazing. And that way, all you need to do is throw on some red lippy and you will look and feel vintage regardless of what you're wearing. And go another shade closer to white blonde. That's what I think about that! xo

ps. When I'm at work its hard to wear vintage so these days I've been wearing a vintage scarf almost every work day. Makes me fell like me even when wearing head to toe black'n'boring interpreter garb :)maybe this will help u feel a little lady-like and vintage despite your pregnancy frustrations

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