Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's finished!!

I first had the idea for this painting when the young man in it was 12. So 6 years ago! I took the photo about a 18 months ago and started painting it almost a year ago. So to finally have this on canvas and finished after all that time....  the feeling is indescribable :)
Its taken about 20 minutes for the Adrenalin in my body to subside! Ha ha!
So here it is...

and a detail shot...

It's kind of a pair (kind of but not really) to this one I did called 'December'

Haven't got a name yet for the one of the young man so, any suggestions? 
Pleeeeease no one say 'skater boy'. 

If you like my work any would like to see more please visit my facebook page and press 'like' :)
or if you know anyone who wants a painting, drawing or portrait please send them to me!
(If you haven't caught on from my shameless marketing, I really want this to be my full time job!)

Happy day to you all ~ Love E xo


Brogan said...

..............skater boy >.>

Elishia and Belinda said...


Francesca Kappo said...

amazing xxx you should call it ....after nearly 10 minutes pondering i really dont know lol maybe the walkman...i have no idea why really random i know xxx

Elishia and Belinda said...

Ha ha, random is good!! Thanks for you input :) xo

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