Monday, February 18, 2013

The land behind the front door

Many little things I've been enjoying around the house lately...
Some new Op Shopped glasses to enjoy! (the clear ones a pair, and six of the rose coloured)
Flowers from my Mother-in-law which she grew herself, grace the windowsill I so enjoy cluttering with pretty things.

Trying out new ways to adorn the bedroom windows. Scarves didn't last very long - Max pulled them down rather promptly.

After completing my reading of Minxy Vintage, by Kelly Doust, I have been attempting sewing. Haven't gotten too far yet as I'm still working out this 70's sewing machine from my Nanna. 

It's also been driving me vintage crazy after having been a luckier acquirer of about a dozen vintage dresses lately. Friends and family have passed on some beauties, but here are just a few, the white and gold lacy one I was fortunate enough to have a lady slash the price in half for me at an op shop saying "what! $22?! We're not David Jones!".
The Orange with white polka dots was bought for me by Stephanie who has predicted Japanese Vintage to be the next big thing as we are running out of our normal Vintage supplies here in Sydney.
Below a sample of a Grecian style vintage dress from the local secondhand early morning markets, again another great buy.

Some bedroom prettiness. Vintage hats from Adelaide Markets. Oh and I'm really, incredibly in love with buntings, as the one I made for Max's room will attest to.

Trying my hand at a very rough Croque Madame Muffins, Gluten Free, Rachel Khoo Style!

Making the most of what the garden has to offer. Collected Oregano flowers, neighbours flowers hanging over the fence (thanks!), mint flowers (did anyone else not know they had flowers like these?) peppercorn tree leaves, lavender, acorns (also landing in our yard from the neighbours tree...) and of course some baby beets and baby carrots.

Another dress.. or two or a lot...

Was passed on this crazy black and red dress a while ago and simply couldn't wear it and not look ridiculous. Lots of shredded style and well to me it felt way to costume for my liking. So after getting inspired by the Minxy Vintage book, I am cutting and pinning, and hoping I can get the guts to sew this into a gorgeous dress I could actually wear.

Picked up some pretty homemade hangers from an op shop the other day - hoping these will help protect my vintage goodies.

 Maxy boots. Aw.
All from my Nanna.
And finally, bringing the ladder obsession inside the house.
There you go - a little bit of a mini tour around the house.
More later.
Xx b xX


b and e said...

I didn't want this post to end!
~E xo

b and e said...

Well there were a lot of pictures which kept loading sideways no matter what I did - it would have been a much much longer post otherwise!

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