Monday, February 11, 2013

slipping into a little vintage always feels good....

Slipping into a beautiful vintage dress which feels as though it's been made for you, feels like slipping into Cinderella's glass shoes (or also called slippers. Indeed a lot of slipping going on). 
 Can you imagine how cool and smooth those glass slippers would have felt - and how much like a princess you would feel wearing them? But then, the fact remains, and is so very overlooked that they were, of course, made of glass. GLASS. Far out how did she not break those things - I break plenty of glassware and I'm certainly not wearing them on my feet and dancing around! (I cannot speak for my 19 month old Maxwell sounds like something he would love the sound of).
Well, to get to the point wearing a beautiful vintage dress also is a bit like these glass slippers. Sure you feel a bit cooler in your own mind knowing you are the only one there with this dress on, and well you do feel a bit like the princess, but can you really dance around with the prince and not end up with glass all through your feet? (wow i really managed to put a whole different image in your head then hey?)
I wore my pink thrifted $7 beauty for a special day yesterday and felt awesome; like royalty or my grandmother.


However I just may have neglected to realise it was not the best dress for having a 19 month old son. I bent and stretched heard a few tears and even a pop (the side clip ripping and needed to be latched onto the lace which in turn ripped) and I'm pretty sure the seems are so loose I might fit the dress as I put more weight on!  By the end of the day my hair was out and my dress was s bit stained, admittedly a better result than the perils of a glass slipper.
And you know what?
Who doesn't want a glass slipper? really?
Max in his play clothes for chasing little people around
Me, Hair from google image search : easy quick vintage hairstyles, done in the car, jewellery from my sisters gorgeous vintage themed wedding and in my thrifted dress - I just read that if its a metal zipper down the side of a handmade dress it's more than likely 1940's. Not sure I believe that with this one, it seems more possible a woman who grew up in that era made this in the 80's. However I did feel very 40's as it reminded me of Elishia's original 1940's dress. I can't quite recall the colour E, if you could let me know. Was it a teal? I am looking into dye and if a few marks which were on this dress from the beginning don't come out, I'm thinking of a colour solution! Has anyone else tried dyeing? I would love to change the colour to a teal or something. I think the pink is a bit light for my skin tone, and perhaps a bit girly. Any thoughts?
My love of vintage has been further fueled when it comes to updating and restoring by a gift from a rather new but wonderful friend and fellow mother of boys. (If you're reading thank you again!)
I thought I recognised a lot of shots in this book as Surry Hills, near Coco Repose - though now online only store and my previous dream vintage destination!- and sure enough when reading the forward I find it's written by Coco Repose's owner Jessica Guthrie! Also I believe the vintage high tea/bar 'The Victoria Room' may be used in some photos too.
Sigh. Lovely.
Here are some little snip pits for your day...(not as many as I hoped as images are loading a bit er, sideways.)

Well, I'm inspired!


b and e said...

B, your hair looks absolutely stunning like that! STUNNING!!! I have always adored that dress. Please don't dye it, the colour is so lovely and isn't too soft on you at all. My dress you are thinking of is a muted sort of teal colour. So loved seeing an outfit post from you today! I am all inspired! Its been a while since I've worn much in the vintage department. Perhaps its time to Cinderella it up a little :) ~E xo

Jess Buckley said...

oh wow, that pink dress! SO gorgeous. Love that photo of you bending down to hold Max, so candid and effortlessly beautiful! <3

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

That is one very lovely dress!

Frankie D said...

Beautiful dress, and I adore Kelly's book too, such wonderful imagery! xx Fran

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