Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arthur Rackham

Firstly - Don't forget about the Competition! Ends November 1 so enter on E's  facebook art page. To enter simply 'like' her page then press the 'Share' link on the left hand side of the page to share Elishia's Art with your friends. After you've done this leave a message on the wall saying which print you would like to win.
We've also received some compliments on the header of this blog - yup, that's right another beauty by E! Follow by b & e, or her facebook art page for updates on her art.

While on the topic of art  ...   who is Arthur Rackham?

I discovered him while E & Z were up in Sydney and we popped into an Op Shop on the way to the Blue Mountains (More on that another day). I picked up a Nursery Rhyme book for Max. The first print of this book was in 1913 and well I was delighted and captivated by the older style artwork, created by none other than Arthur Rackham.

Lovely yet haunting aren't they? So this led me to search the web for his works and I really had to narrow it down for favourites, and I know given his entire collection I would likely choose differently, today this is what I found and liked or adored, namely the first one(!):

 So do you like?


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Anonymous said...

This artwork is awesome! I majored in English in college and this artwork reminds me of the thousands of novels and short stories I read over those five years. My concentration was Victorian literature, so maybe that's it. Thanks for sharing!

Mabel Time

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