Sunday, October 23, 2011

October with E

 Happy Sunday everyone. Ahh.. my favorite day. Can't tomorrow be Sunday too?

So last night was my brother in law's Engagement party and lazy me didn't take any photos but I managed to nab these 3 from my friends phone. No full length outfit photos to share unfortunately but I did get to wear my skull cap which was nice.

With my gorgeous sister in law

Our roses start blooming in October and I am enjoying them so much.
Here are some of them on my cluttered dresser. The flower picture is a new market acquisition.

I think the display on the set of drawers below gets changed around much more than any other surface in my house. Its nice to have a space that I'm not at all precious about.

My brother found these linen threads still in their original packaging in an old derelict building in Melbourne.
They are from Kilbirnie, Scotland. How cool is that?!

One of Zen's finds. I'd like to find out if it still works because I have recently become fond of the idea of writing people letters using an old typewriter. 

My Aunty gave me this pot plant holder from her own collection. It brings me straight back to my childhood and days at her place. If my niece likes it when she grows up then it will become hers

And finally, another pretty photo from our time in Sydney with T & B :-)

Love and hugs and hopes of a lovely day to you all
~E xo


b and e said...

Love everything! Yes try and get that typewriter working and type me a letter! I love the threads and the displays and I'm extrememly jealous of everything down even to the lighting in your house!


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Wow! I think everything you've posted here is way cool. And out of interest - who is the autumn lane of trees painting by? It looks like a Robert Wood, I have one of his prints and love it. Trying to manifest a typewriter myself - I think you should definitely get it going. Also you look gorgeous in your floral dress! Hope this reaches you well.

b and e said...

Thanks for you're lovely comments :)
I'm not sure about the painting, its just an old print I picked up at market. I really bought it for the frame but am enjoying the picture inside it just as much now!

Cool Rider said...

That typewriter is amazing - what a great find.

Lover of Vintage said...

Love your blog! Such a great idea having two of you doing it, lovely way to keep it touch! All your vintage pieces are just beautiful, and that huge op-shop look azazing! Great blog girls!

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