Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Old Things

Finally my Internet is up and running, and I am able to get time to post. I feel like all I do all day is feed max milk then solids then myself put him to bed finish eating shower washing max wakes up milk solids my lunch max to bed and so on and so forth!
So finally some time to myself to blog.
Some pics of what's new or newly arranged around my place...
Love.. Still Love, vintage gravy boat from E as housewarming gift when in Adelaide. Milk jug 5c from Garage sale also in Adelaide

Still not too sure how to do crystal's in a non childish way. Ideas?

All up all items shown would have cost less than about 5 dollars! All are favourites; tray from Adelaide Op shop, Leaf from Mt Barker Op shop, thrift-ed teapot pine cone from girls weekend beach and precious bird another housewarming gift from E!

The beginnings of a mood board. I'll keep updating you on how it progresses.

Side of the road find. Just need to find it the right place in our home.


Zara said...

What a lovely collection of beautiful objects. x

Anonymous said...

My mom has that black teapot! Crazy.

Mabel Time

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