Thursday, November 17, 2011

Plush Playtime

Skimming through my Etsy Favourites, I realised, I need a Cushion. Or a few of them. Or perhaps I should just update all my cushions and buy all new ones. They are sooooo cool! Check them out:

These are so different - how good would one of those look on the armchair?!

These guys have lot's of cute things!

I'm LOVING maps - especially antique ones. I don't really care what country, although Antarctica is interesting me a lot lately. I read an article a woman wrote about it in the latest Frankie Magazine. Also been watching the documentary "Human Planet"and it's stories about life in lands of Ice are incredible! I'm hope to add a cushion (or perhaps a real vintage map) to my decor soon.

These guys have some really different stuff if you want subtle 'wow''pieces.
Lot's of cute animal things here. This is related to my recent obsession with narwhals...

Sigh. I am in love. 

Stay Inspired!

~b xx


Zara said...

Oh my so many lovely cushions.
love vintage maps too, and the article in Frankie was good reading I will agree.
The pigeon cushion is so sweet. x

Elishia said...

Want that hot air balloon cushion! SO MUCH!

kaytetmadison said...

I've had my heart set on that Ooh La La cushion for a while now... ! x

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