Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snapshots of Recent Happenings

E & Z came to visit bringing their gorgeous suitcase.. just right as a backdrop to my new vintage earings!

Max shows off Dad's vintage cap

On my window sill - showing off my flowers from my garden

Having been given the go ahead to take birds of paradise from my neighbours garden, I admire this strange beauty inside my own home...

Finally found a retro butterdish! And the vintage shop keeper in Leura gave us a yellow one as well! Also note my favourite cookbook "Falling Cloudberries" by Tessa Kiros

Hooray! Hurrah! My African Violet is not dead after all- I must admit it was a close call for a while there, and I have been know to kill them off before....success in the form of a flower!

Okay, so I'm a pretty terrible artist! At least I'll admit it! After E gave me a prized watercolour print (see previous post) I've had an urge to get out my watercolours and just have fun. so that's pretty much all this primary school grade drawing is right here. Fun.

MASSIVE CANDLE how I love thee...especially as you smell like a water lilly


Tom had a free deal to get these nuts delivered to work for a couple of weeks... he gave me some and they were quite nice. What an interesting Idea...

Next Time ... Hopefully I'll get some of the really pretty stuff up from E and Z's visit to T and B (and Max)!


Miriam Stella said...

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Miriamstella (from Italy)

Elishia said...

Lovely collection of shots huni. Those flowers from your garden are too pretty and look so so nice on your windowsill!

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