Saturday, October 22, 2011

A morning in Melbourne

During our super-duper quick visit to see all the family in Victoria we managed to squeeze in a few nice cafes and this INCREDIBLE vintage store called Lost and Found

Yeah I was hyperventilating for most of the time.

It just went on and on.... up and down. You could definitely spend the better part of a day there.
We bought a cool T shirt & denim shirt for Zen, a pretty skirt from the $10 chuck out rack for me and an old Little Mermaid book for Charlotte.

 Breakfast was at Proud Mary

 Home made hash brown with everything on it.


For lunch we went to a place called Bimbo's for gluten free pizza.
It was decked out in the daggiest couches, you know.. old but not cool old. Hanging from the walls were ugly second hand items gathering dust. It seems that this type of decor is all the rage at the moment. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. 

Here's Zen all cozied up on our unsightly couch of choice

The pizza however was superb as was the lager of pear cider I had with it.
That's all I managed to capture this time 'round.
I'm off to an Engagement party tonight and am trying to decide whether to put the effort in to get vintaged up or if I'm just gonna chuck on something simple.
Hopefully I can find a happy medium.

Have a great weekend everybody! ~E xo


b and e said...

Hey E,

Firstly can I say how much I love the photo of you an charlotte.

The vintage shop looks sooo good, I keep getting more and more anxious to go to melbourne and Love it for myself! I was thinking, how great a trip would that be - we meet in melbourne!

Hope you take a picture of your outfit tonight, make me feel like I'm there with you guys!

b and e said...

Oh yeah the vintage store is similar to the one we wanted to take you guys to in Blakheath over the blue mountains. Although I'm not sure you'd get a $10 basket at this one! The place in melbourne seems a step up!


Anonymous said...

I want to spend my Saturday in that store.... It's like a vintage superstore. Like a Wal-Mart!! I'm so jealous.

Mabel Time

b and e said...

Aw sorry Maybel! If its any consolation we're scraping the end of the barrel vintage-wise here in Australia and are having to go to places such as America to stock our shops with! But if you're ever in Melbourne, you'll know where to go :)

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