Monday, February 7, 2011

When In Sydney...

I wanted to show you my list in the making of places to see, things to do when you visit us in Sydney.. I know I'm forgetting so many things but here goes:

  • Visit Bethel
  • Spend a few days at Dave & Amy's - beach included! (hope to show pics of her place in a blog one day)
  • Max Brenner Chocolate - entire experience essential so be prepared!
  • All you can eat Korean BBQ in Belfield - I found another blogger has pics of what to expect from this place here.
  • Portuguese Chicken burgers in Petersham (as seen on Food Safari) even this other blogger agrees it's the best in Sydney.
  • Newtown - this involves a few things. Awesome shops, even better restaurants. Includes, breakfast in a funky backstreet cafe, possible Dendy film, op shopping, clothes and home ware and music shopping, but most of all the best Thai food! This is Indie/funky ville in my opinion.
  • Market Trips:
  • Vintage Markets in Kirribilli (I've not yet been but who better to go with??)
  • The Rocks - down by the Harbour there are these markets in amongst ol' Sydney town-style buildings.
  • Paddington Markets Trip - includes wander down the well known Oxford street
  • Flemington Markets - Great food on the Friday, and then Saturday it's up early for junk! Loads of stuff to go through for cheap, cheap, cheap!
  • Auslan witno - see if it differs much here
  • Yum Cha -  Marigold
  • Kebabs - a must in the west
  • Sovlaki - we will do a trip down to Brighton Le-Sands, buy one of the best Sovlaki's and sit on the beach watching planes land.
  • Cabramatta - Vietnamese food!!!!!
  • Bondi Beach - well you just have to go at some point in your life...
  • Hit Random Op Shops
  • Blue Mountains - can do the touristy stuff, and op shops, and then hit the cafes.
  • Bathurst - Fav Cafe, sight see, then head from here to Mudgee for Wineries! On the way try to catch some random tiny country town op shops
  • Interested in Luna Park?
  • Bowral - my new favourite place. Farms, rainforest's, rivers, waterholes, ALDI (lol), amazing op shops I'm saving up for, and only say 20mins from beaches near Dave and Amy, and yet about an hr from Sydney. Did I mention the whole place smells like chamomile tea? And that flowers grow there in beautiful abundance and glow when accompanied by the nighttime mist which passes through the land... I may be exaggerating slightly, but I've honestly never been somewhere and gone, I could TOTALLY live here. Other than the Bowral/Moss Vale area. And if I like it, I'm sure you will too.
  • Victoria's Basement
  • Victoria Room - I think you will love this just looking at website...
  • The QVB - Queen Victoria Building. OK so you will love this in general, but wait till we go right to the top and indulge in The Tea Room     oh yeah there is Gluten free too hehe
  • Wander around the city on foot - get great pics of places like Hyde Park, Botanical Gardens, beautiful buildings etc.
  • Ferry to Manly or anywhere, Luna park Kirribilli, the gap wherever!
  • Vintage Shopping  - especially Coco Repose in Surry Hills
Well, I thought of more than I originally did. I know it's a lot but you may not want to do them all, and you will visit more than once right???


Elishia and Belinda said...

Wow. I think we'd need al ot longer than 2 weeks to do all that! And yet, I still wanna do it all :) sounds amazing, I can't wait!!! I particularly wanna do markets and random op shops of course and eat lots of good food, but with the 4 of us I think that's a given.

Elishia and Belinda said...


Question: The tea we would have at your place, I've been craving it! Is it White Tea, White Rose tea or peach or what??! Would love to find it here!

On the topic of tea, have you checked out Yours Truly, x blog recently? She mentions a tea room with missmatched crokery, which reminded me to encourage you to go to Tanunda and enjoy it's delights for me :-D Take photos for the blog if you like?

Shan Van said...

Ohh! Thank you so much for following my blog. I popped on over here and to my delight, I found this list! I'm heading to Australia (sydney /melbourne) in the fall and this is just perfect! Saved to my favourites for sure.

Elishia and Belinda said...

Glad to be of Assistance. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Australia is pretty tops :)
Ps. sorry for late reply, still getting used to blogging :)

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