Tuesday, March 13, 2012

after adventures, tend to nest

Flowers, Friends, Op Shopping, Vintage finds, Realisations, Flooding and Family.

So what do you think of the Eiffel Tower on our wall? Tom found the perfect spot for it in our little house and I must say I was impressed. Is it odd to have it up though we've never been to France? It's a little present from a friend and the right placement, and our visitors always comment on how striking and lovely it looks.

The purple and white flowers are from my friend Amy's garden - although she is the most amazing florist,(think, roses, foliage, peppercorns and rosemary together - oh yes. so good.) I love that these were straight from the ground. They are in a delightful coffeepot from my sister, placed on top of given and op-shopped books on my 'new' free vintage telephone table! Love love love

I've taken to putting lavender in vases.

I scored an amazing purple pouffe and old metal watering can from a Shellharbour antique shop.

Tom surprised me with my coveted Ben Sherman Bag (used as my bag and a nappy bag - hello space!

The other day I moved all my dresses to a hanging rack. Turns out I own 45 dresses. Yeah.

Motivated by a display at Amy's place I sort out an old book(and a few others...) at an amazing vintage book shop / cafe down south..more on that later...and ended up purchasing a $3 Pride a Prejudice volume 2 of a 3 part series. The funny thing was it turned out to be exactly the same novel Amy had on display that motivated me in the first place!

We drove through a flooded road on our south NSW trip, a first for me. Can't say Max enjoyed being cooped up in the car due to rain most of the time. He did make friends with a dog called Toby, but well, I'm dying to get my film developed so I can share more moments with you.



Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful flowers! <3

Audrey Leighton said...

Such beautiful photos, LOVE the flowers :)

Be Frassy

Gillie said...

Beautiful pictures, those flowers are so lovely and Max is so cute!!

xo Gillie

Lover of Vintage said...

Thank you for your lovely message on my blog! I have been following your blog for months, it's fantastic! Love all your beautiful vintage finds!
The swan's are crown lynn (made in Nz), they are gorgeous.

Hope you find yourself a vintage suitcase! x

Tesa said...

lovely photos!

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