Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Never get so attached to a poem You forget truth that lacks lyricism

Here are some pretty things that have caught my eye lately.
Sorry for the lack of links, I tend to forget to make note when I'm floating around the blogosphere!

Oh, if only this room were mine!

Outfit inspiration as Autumn ascends

I have a major thing for blue and white Ginger Jars at the moment. What do you think my chance are of finding one in an Op shop? Slim, I'd say, but one can hope!

Wish I were walking along this street in Paris

I'm 100% not brave enough to wear lipstick like this but I think its incredible!

How lovely is this dear? I promise myself I will have chickens one day.

I think these two images speak for themselves!

Song of the week~ En gallop by Joanna Newsom
...So, so pretty
~Love E xo

1 comment:

b and e said...


Wat lovely photos! I have a folder ofsimilar inspiration on my desktop - also missing links back to blogs! LOVE the blue and white jars - knowing you, i'm sure youwill find them in an op shop along the way!


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