Tuesday, June 5, 2012

shades of yellow shades of blue

I could definitely curl up here for a while

Love this painting by Michael Carson

Inspired use of  scrabble tiles

I'm in love with just about all of Mark Demsteader's work

The always fabulous Karla of Karla's Closet

I just love this little gentlemanly space

And this awesome bohemian cubby.

Well... its back to reality for me. Hope you enjoyed this little collection!
~Love E xo


Miss in Bloom said...

I love yellow!!!

b and e said...

I'm so in love with everything in this post! It makes me want to go op shopping, antique shopping and redecorate heap and eat breakfast in bed and dress up and put a scarf in my hair and wear heals with high waisted pants and take photos with film and wear belts and buy flowers.

see told you this blogging thing was inspiring!


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