Thursday, July 11, 2013

To make a home out of a rented house

Hello everybody! Wow, its been a long time since I've posted here!
Our move was successful, we are now living on the very lovely Mornington peninsula in Victoria. 
We are 5 minutes from the beach, a short drive to scenic wine regions with rolling green hills and a 45 minute drive to Melbourne city. Its pretty good!
I'd like to show you a few snippets of our new home.

Green isn't the first colour I would choose for our living area but I'm quite pleased with how well our things fit in here. It's a lovely little space with nice tallish ceilings and an abundance of sunshine.

 Our previous kitchen was dark, small and dingy so it is an absolute dream to have a nice big kitchen now with lots of cupboard and bench space!

We are mostly unpacked but I am yet to set up the spare bedroom/painting room.There is also a rather ugly red wall in the bedroom that I am hoping to paint soon. Will keep you posted :)
Love ~E xo


b and e said...

Wow e!
Love it!
Glad it feels like home. Things I really loved in this pics other than well, everything, - the amount of plants and flowers and greenery, the scales used in such a way and paired, the orchid in a jug, the lamp up high, the typewriter stashed "away"'but not quite, and I am in love with egg baskets such as yours but not practical in our kitchen with a toddler!!!!


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

I have said for the longest time now I would love to live on the Mornington peninsula, I used to live on the Bellarine in Drysdale! What a gem of a place in this stunning country we are so lucky to be in. And your house looks like a REAL home:)!!!

devoured said...

Looks lovely! Love the typewriter and also your kitchen bits and pieces. Gorgeous!

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