Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sunny Day

Good day to you! It is a gorgeous day here on the Mornington Peninsula. The kind that makes you wish it would stay like this forever. We went for an afternoon jaunt down to Mornington this afternoon and I wore some of my latest Op shop finds so thought I'd share a few snaps.

Scored these Veronica Maine pants at a great Salvo's store.
I love Veronica Maine and in addition they have useless zips on the sides, of which I'm rather fond.
I found the zig-zaggy wedges in the same shop as well as a 70's maxi skirt which I will show you all
once I get it hemmed.

The top is vintage Witchery which I think I bought for the ludicrous sum of $2 a few years ago. Head scarf and bracelets are thrifted also.

Cheesy grins with my fave guy.

Also, here is a friendly shark.

~Love E xo

1 comment:

b and e said...

U r looking hot hot hot! Loving you outfit too hehe! Great scors! Both my sisters worked at VM and it has always made me very jealous of all their vm clothes and they got cue discounts too! Scoring something VM that Fits from an oppie- Wow!

Hi shark. Xx


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