Monday, July 14, 2014

Hemp, Flax, Pea

Just a quick post with links to some of the products I use in my baking etc. For THE BEST hemp products including hemp flour I use Lariese purely organic. Hemp products contain amino acids and omegas that the body cannot produce as well as being high in Protein, folate, chlorophyll and photonutrients. I feel immediately nourished whenever I eat Lariese's hemp seeds and oil and unlike most hemp products they are certified for human consumption within Australia. 

This is my favorite Protein Powder. I prefer pea protein as it is zero carb and is soy and dairy free.

I love to use flaxseed flour in breads but find that the results can differ hugely depending on the brand you use. Waltanna Farms pure golden flaxseed flour is the finest one I have found yet.

Stay tuned for a bread recipe using these 3 ingredients. It is seriously the cat's pajamas.

~Love E xo
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