Sunday, August 14, 2011


I bought a bunch of Delphiniums this week so that I could take photo's of them for my art.
I have been so utterly charmed and delighted by them!

Is it normal to derive so much pleasure from flowers? I don't know.. sometimes I think it's a addiction I have.

Anyway here are a few of my snaps..

Brightening my bathroom...

and keeping me company while I painted today....

Here's me in one of my fave dresses which I have added to this post
as the colours now remind me of Delphiniums.

I can't wait to start painting them but I have 3 other paintings I must finish first :-/
Nevermind. I'm thinking I may even do one for my very own (imagine that) to hang above our bed.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend ~E xo


Elishia and Belinda said...

Delightful Leesh - and completely normal in my books!

You look so lovely in those pictures you took for the brooch!

You MUST do that picture for above your bed.

AND Now I am DYING to hire you to decorate our new place! How does accommodation for a week sound as payment hehehe
Had a dream the other night that you guys were here.. can you tell it's on my mind?


Elishia and Belinda said...

Ha ha.. deal. Decorating definitely needs to go on the Itinerary.

Its on my mind too. Like, everyday!

~E xoxoxo

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